Get Excited!

That’s me telling myself to get excited. The Events section has been updated! We’re going to Staple in March and are currently registering for Yellow City Comic Con in May! That’s like a con every 2 months?? (well, Staple is like 2 weeks after Lubbock-Con because I’m a glutton for punishment)

Anyways! We’ll be adding more as conventions pop up!

The store is up and running! If you missed he Labor Day sale, don’t worry. I’ll do different sales for different things as stuff comes up or as I feel like it. The rush of orders has died down so I can breathe and work on new stuff. Expect a few more banner necklaces to go up tonight or tomorrow. I’ll be working on some Halloween styled stuff too :)

This weekend we’re headed to Oklahoma City for another Magic the Gathering Grand Prix. Boyfriend will be playing all weekend so that means it’ll be a work weekend for me to work on some designs and art and the Ladies Night flyer.

Also, on September 20th I will be participating in AFSP’s Lubbock Walk Out of the Darkness Community Walk to raise money for Suicide Awareness. It’s a matter that’s extremely close to me so if you would like to donate to our team you can do that here and find out more information for the Lubbock Walk here.

And then the following weekend we’ll be in Austin for more Magic stuff!

It’s a busy month and next month is going to be even busier (send me good thoughts)

-Sam <3


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