Free Art and Pokemon

So I’ve been playing around the idea for an art drop for a while, but mostly didn’t go through with it because I kept getting stuck at “what would I be promoting with it?”

The answer is me. I’m promoting myself. I forget to do that sometimes.

So because I’m a masochist, I’m holding an art drop event this Saturday. And because I can’t do anything small, I got a bunch of other artists to participate too.

Since Pokemon Go is all the rage (is that what the kids say?) we’re going to be hiding free art at various Pokestops from 1-6! The artists will post in the Facebook event hints to where they hid it and hopefully people will find it!

If you’d like to get updates on what’s dropping and where or just follow the madness, RSVP to the event page! Hopefully this goes well and lots of people get some free art and we can support local artists!

In other news, I lost a lot of my sketches so guess whose drawing like crazy to try and get together a new sketchbook for Hub City Comic Con.

The answer is me. Of couse.

-Sam <3


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