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2017 was a whirlwind of good and bad.


  • adopted Leon
  • Fostered Mae Mae and her kittens
  • Got a new car
  • Started up the Lubbock Artist Collective
  • Went to Disneyland, Tennessee, and Alabama
  • I finished Inktober
  • We started making plans for our eventual move
  • Started the Blog!
  • Made new friends and tried new things

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  • I got mugged
  • Leon went missing
  • Money problems
  • The ten thousand times the A/C went out or the house fell apart
  • Politics

Though the bad were big, I’m glad the good outweighed it. This year I want to keep focusing on that and not let negativity weigh me down. Time goes fast and I want to make the most of it.

My resolution for this year is simple. I’m putting myself first.


2018 Goals

  1. Move!
  2. Learn healthy habits and lose a bit of weight
  3. Start letting go and delegating projects
  4. Try new things
  5. Learn to be more empathetic
  6. Paint often
  7. Write consistently
  8. Help rescue animals if possible
  9. Keep some plants alive
  10. Blog Consistently
  11. Get rid of clothes, toys, anything I don’t need
  12. Cook through a cookbook
  13. Take and print more pictures
  14. Play more
  15. Save as much money as I can
  16. Read 24 books
  17. Take care of my skin
  18. Give up poultry
  19. Be more organized
  20. Don’t let the deadlines stress me out

2017 gave me an idea of what I wanted to do and become. I do need to spend more time focusing on myself. I’ve created some wonderful things in Lubbock and met some amazing people that are going to help keep it going after I’m gone. Now it’s time to work on me and push towards bigger things.

Moving is the main focus of 2018. I don’t know when or how, but we’re going to make it happen sometime this year. If I accomplish just this one goal, I’ll be happy.

So goodbye 2017, you weren’t great but you taught me a lot.


I’ll be posting my January Goals tomorrow and soon I’ll be wrapping up my 27 Before 27!

What are your goals for this year or do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

-Sam <3


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