Blog| 28 Before 28



I’m 27 now!

Nothing has changed besides the fact that I have survived 27 years of life, but isn’t that a celebration on it’s own?

This time around, I’m forgoing the 28 Before 28 rule, mostly because I set so many goals for 2018 and my birthday is so close to the new years. Instead, because I set 20 goals for the new year, I’m going to set just 8 to get done before I turn 28.

20+8= 28. See what I did there?

I like working towards goals and I think it helps keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish.

So what are my birthday goals this time around?


  • Take a Class
  • Once a month, unplug for a weekend
  • Get a passport


  • Learn to compost
  • Learn Tarot
  • Pay off a credit card


  • Learn Spanish
  • Call or Skype family often


This year is for refocusing and working on myself. No events to distract, just working on the big goal of moving and bettering myself. I think every now and then it’s good to take a step back from hustling constantly to make sure your foundation is good. I take on a lot and if I crumble, everything else goes down too.

My next post will be all about our birthday trip to Santa Fe and how it’s motivated me to plan some long-LONG term goals.

Thanks for sticking around on this craziness.


-Sam <3


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