Blog| Taking Time


Spring Break has come and gone. I work a full time job so I didn’t get a whole week off, but I did get an extra two days and that was nice.

I took the week off blogging to give myself a refresh.

I’m happy to report that I finished all my deadlines. The Ladies Night flyer art is done, I finished all my commissions, and the only things I have on the books are two events late next month that I don’t really have to prep for and a painting for a museum event that I already have planned. But nothing pressing. No looming deadlines, no stress. Nothing.

So in natural fashion, my anxiety is through the rough and I don’t know what to do with myself. For the past 3 years I’ve had constant events. I was planning months in advance, getting things scheduled, rushing to do art and do things around the town.

My identity is completely wrapped in these events. It’s how people know me, it’s how I hang out with people. If you want to get a hold of Sam, go to her events!

And now I’m experience a kind of crisis. I’m passing these things I created off to other people. I’m not needed. My phone isn’t blowing up and I’m not running around everywhere.

It’s an awful feeling. The feeling that no one really likes you, just the opportunities and things you create. You invite everyone else to participate, but no one invites you. You’re a figure, not a person. And no one really needs you if you aren’t created things.

For all my work, sometimes I still feel like an outsider.


Once upon a time, I didn’t run events.

I use to do daily vlogs on Youtube. I did them every single day for over a year or two. I wrote stories online. I painted and when I was done, I put the painting in the corner and moved onto the next one. Eventually we started doing fun little geek trivia nights at our house with my best friend and that was the most socialization I did.

Everything I did, I did for me because I loved it. I loved filming my day and painting and writing and hanging out with my friends.

The downside of pursuing art as a career and building it is that you don’t get as much free time as you want. You don’t do as many things for yourself. I like what I do now, but there’s something about things being simpler years ago.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to do now. Prepping and saving up for moving is number one on my life, but I know myself. I need to keep busy or I sink into a hole that’s hard to get out of. I need to give myself deadlines, give myself projects. No events, but things to further my own art.


I’m starting up my Youtube channel again, but changing it. I can’t monetize it because of the new rules (thanks, Youtube), but I never really cared about that aspect. I loved doing vlogs, but I want it to focus on my art now. My life as an artist.

I filmed for the first time this weekend. We stayed up at a coffee shop for about 4 hours drawing while Rony had a meeting, and playing with our new Posca markers. I started on my Collections zine. I started drawing comics again. I missed doing #Workcomics but with my current job, I can’t really do them at work. And not being limited to Post-It notes is very freeing.

(I have a couple up on my Instagram already if you want to read them!)

I’m drawing designs for no reason, just because. Eventually I want to fill up a sketchbook with just illustrations and practice sketches and doodles. Besides Inktober, I’ve never filled up a Sketchbook. For the month of May, I’m doing Mermay! I’ll be drawing a mermaid every day for the month!

Just by setting a few of these goals and starting these projects, I noticed that I’m drawing all the time now and I’m having fun doing it. Sitting down and editing my first video was nostalgic. I felt happy and wasn’t worrying about if other people disliked me or if I should start up an event just for the sake of it.

Things are going to be different and I need to adapt to that.


I need to let go. Let go of the junk in my house, of needing validation through others, of my own high standards. For the longest time I would say that I wish I had free time to do so and so. Now I do and I need to appreciate it while I can.

I’m going to redo my Youtube channel, my website, my accounts. I’m going to set schedules for myself and focus down on doing what I love. I’m going to start drawing for myself and painting and reading books and watching movies and playing with the dogs and snuggling and exercising and laughing.

It’s time to move on and do something for me.

That’s not to say that I don’t want to help people, but it’s time to let other people make the opportunities.

So keep an eye out on my Youtube for the new video. I’m wanting my videos to focus more on my art and day in the life type of vlogs. I’m going to keep making as many comics about mine and Rony’s life as I can think of.

The website is going to change. I want it to have more of a focus as a portfolio, but the blog is staying. It just won’t be as front and center.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with mopey, depression, everyone-hates-me Me. It’s a lot to deal with but I appreciate those that reached out to me and send me kind works.

To new adventures

-Sam <3


Blog| Art Supplies- Illustration


As you can see, I have a lot of stuff.

Yesterday, Rony and I decided to hit the art store and replace some of our inking pens and other dried out supplies. I’d been making due with a few, but it was getting harder to do clean pieces with what I was working with.

I replaced my pens, found a few new things I’ve been wanting to try, and then decided to organize all my supplies.

…this is just what I use for my watercolor and ink illustrations.

I asked on Instagram if anyone would be interested in me running through my supplies and here we are!

There’s a lot so get ready. We’ll start with my old stuff.


My watercolors are a mix of pre-set and custom. The bottom is a Prang Professional watercolor set. It’s essentially like those kids Crayola sets but a bit better. Despite upgrading, I like using it because the basic colors are very bright.

The top is a palette I made myself. You can buy these blank ones at any art store or online. I wanted a big one and split it up between base colors and the top are my skin tones. You squirt those little tubes into the compartments and wait 24 hours for them to dry. Ta da! Custom palette.

The only downside is that you want to use good, new watercolor paints. A lot of the ones I used were old and sitting around and if you look, you can see they’ve cracked and are in pieces. This sucks because now every time I close it, they get EVERYWHERE.


The Prismacolor pencils are a newer edition. My friend Alex got them for me and I’ve been using them for light color shading and depending the colors on certain places. I would use Prismacolors all the time in High Schools so it’s nice having a new set to play with again.


These are my inks! Aren’t they pretty?

I’m very much in the vein of “use whatever works.” Half of these are hand-me-downs or I found in an art supply box in Rony’s old house. The Liquitex Inks I bought on my own.

All of these are great but I have a grip with the gold ink. It’s super sheer. If I’m getting gold ink, I want that shit opaque. It’s not. At most it’ll give your stuff a light yellow glitter-ness to it but I was super disappointed. The bronze is wonderful though! I use it a lot and this is my second bottle.


Pens are next. I use a lot of pens for inking. My go to are my Micron pens that I finally replaced after forever. They have a good size range and if you have coupons, can be pretty cheap.

For a good thick pen, I also use the Prismacolor inking pen. It’s nice and I don’t have as much trouble using it over watercolor like the Microns sometimes.


So I think I got this as a present and I love it, but it’s a little tricky to use. It’s a fountain type pen. Basically a fancy quill pen with the ink built it. It definitely takes getting use to because you cannot use it like a regular pen, but once you get it then you can do a bunch of different brush line strokes. I like it, even if it is challenging.


Next is the Pentel Pocket Brush pen and the Pentel Brush Pen.

I got the bottom one in Seattle two years ago and its still holding up, but I definitely may need to replace it soon.

The pocket brush was one I had been lusting over and it’s wonderful! I do wish more ink came with it and OF COURSE, I lost my refill so now it’s drying out and I have to order a new pack. But when it’s not dried out, you can get all sorts of thin to thick brush strokes. If you like calligraphy, this would be a good pen. I really really love it.


My white pens! I like to use these for highlights and to add a pop of white on top of my colors. The top is a gelly roll pen in white and my go to, ride or die white pen. I use these like crazy and have not found a better gel white pen so far. Gel pens are good because they won’t sink into the water or paper like ink or water based ones do.

The bottom is new! I found it last night and liked how opaque the white came out! It’s a thicker tip which is usually and look at how bright and non-streaky the white is!


These are newer but I’ve been using them for a bit. I’m actually a big fan and might invest in getting a set. The colors stay even and not streaky even after multiple layers which is good for flat color lays! If you want to add a darker shade, it’ll take a few layers which I like. I got these to test darker skin tones and I love them!


Rony got me this little Ninja roll and I’ve been using it constantly. Here’s everything I keep in it! It all looks so nice.


A few other mentions:

I only have a few Copic markers and I still love them. Brush tips are the absolute best. I just wish they all weren’t so damn expensive.

Sharpies are always good! I like to use the silver, gold, and bronze for detail work because they’re so bright!

More gel pens for when you want to do a bright, colored outline! Usually you can find a cheap set anywhere they sell coloring books.

Prismacolor markers! I have a whole set and are great for flash colors! I have the fine tip/chisel tip set and they’re soooo useful! Downside though is they do bleeeed a bit! So watch out for that!

And then my Faber Castell markers. I have a set of gray tones and a few primary colors. The gray tones are wonderful for my ink drawings when I want hard lined shading or to add a bit of detail. It came with both cool and warm toned grays which really helps depending on the piece!

Now on to the new stuff!


These ink colored brush set things!

Initially I got them because they looked like a aquawash watercolor set and I was all down for that. But once I tried them, they’re basically brush markers. The color payout is good and solid, but the downside is the brushes are all kinda jacked. They’re split and splayed so clean lines are a no-go. And you can’t wash them out at all which could be a good and bad thing.

But the whole set was only $5 so I can’t complain. They’re Michael’s store brand also.


The Pentouch Caligraphy pen in gold! I’ve had my eye on this for a while and see a lot of artists use it! It’s a super opaque gold and so great! The tip is a chisel and takes a bit to get use to, but the color payout is so work it! I can do thin or broad lines and I’m so freaking pumped to use it. This is the color I wanted my Liquitex ink to be!


And I splurged and finally got some masking fluid! If you don’t know, this is for use mostly with watercolors and inks! I’ve seen it used and oh god, it’s glorious. I even got the pen tip because why the hell not. If I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get the good kind.

How masking fluid works is you paint it over whatever you want to not have paint on it. I did a little test page to show. I put it over the moon and the tiny star. You have to let it dry until it’s translucent! It takes a bit, but just make sure you don’t glob it on or else you’ve have to wait longer.


Once it’s dry, you paint like normal!

Wait for the painting to dry! This is the only frustrating part of masking fluid. The wait time. You have to wait for the fluid to dry and you have to wait for the painting to dry. Or else this happens:


Note the star came out perfect but the moon peeled off part of the paper and is scraggly. Just move on to other parts of the painting until it drys or you risk ruining it all!


Other tools would be my brushes which, honestly, I just grab whenever and they range from good brands to crayola to shitty ones. I abuse them too much to put in the money for good ones.

I use little ink caps when I’m working on big pieces to have tiny ink wells and an eyedropper for my watercolors so I don’t have to mix the water in with my brushes!

I tend to just use a mechanical pencil, but I love to sketch in red grading pencils! They’re amazing and you can see it a lot in my sketches. A couple of new editions are these amazing Blackwing pencils our friend Victoria gave to us that I’ve been practicing with! I’m working on practicing more freehand and sketching a lot so these will be great for that!

And my marker bag is a travel bag from the Target dollar section.

You don’t have to spend a lot or use high quality supplies. Anything and everything will work!


Finally I organized everything and put it all away in this neat canvas bag Rony got for me from Blick for Christmas.

Hope this helped someone and was neat to look at! I know it’s a ton of stuff, but I love to use everything!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!


-Sam <3


Blog| March Goals

I already know. This month wasn’t great for goals. I underestimate how much time was going to go into con prepping with both me and Rony having tables and so pretty much for a week straight we did nothing but work. Our weekends were busy and weekdays were exhausting and now all I can do is shrug and say better luck next month.

But as I’m planning things out, something new has happened.

I have no events and only one deadline this month.

What even has happened?

But first, let’s recap




  • Garage Sale I was tempted to cross this out but I didn’t. We pushed the garage sale until after Lubbock-Con and it’s tomorrow, but it won’t count since it’s March now
  • Make a capsule wardrobe- Nope but I have tossed about 75% of my clothes and cut down to mostly the pieces I love or for work/occassions
  • Cook or throw out all the food that’s been sitting in the pantry- Still working on cooking stuff but I have tossed out most of it. Still more to throw away!
  • Do some form of exercise once a week-  We got hired to walk some dogs 2-3 times a week so now we’re walking. It counts!
  • Only drink water doing the weekday- I tried but exhaustion and stress got to me and I needed coffee
  • Get up at 7am for work- lol nope. Still trying though.


  • Get the art done for Ladies Night- I started it but have not finished
  • Write 2 blogs a week Still going good on this!
  • Do 3 art pieces- Guess what? I did 6 new pieces, mostly all in a week! 
  • Update resume/portfolio- Nope.


In short, I did not do great. We were busy, it was hectic, I barely got any sleep, and pretty much all I did was paint and draw and make merch all month. Things that were con-related got put to the side and it’s all I lived and breathed for a while.

But even though I didn’t make my goals, I hit my big one of getting through a successful convention! So I’m not too disappointed. We made money, I met a ton of nice people and got some new supporters, and it was my last big event of the year. Emphasis on big.

So now what’s in store?

I have to finish the art for Ladies Night and that’s it. Seriously. I have nothing else planned this month! It’s glorious after the past couple of YEARS of having galleries and events and deadlines almost non-stop. So now I get to really focus on my goals.



  • Sell/toss anything broken or that I’m not using
  • Get back to meal prepping/eating healthy
  • Go to bed by 11:30
  • Clean the front and backyard/Fix the fence
  • Drink more water
  • Make a timeline for Seattle



  • Freehand sketch practice 2 times a week
  • Work on 1 painting, 1 watercolor
  • Finish commissions
  • Write 2 chapters
  • Update Resume/Portfolio/Website


  • Work on Her v. Him Zine
  • Work on Apothecary Zine
  • Read a book
  • Get back into taking pictures

This month the keyword is Reboot.

I have time. I have no excuses. I even have an extra two days off of work for Spring Break and due to some change in plans, I’m staying home. We have two different dog boarding bookings so the dogs will get plenty of play time and exercise.

Again. I’ll have time. I’ll make time. I need a fresh start and a clean slate. So let’s toss or sell the clutter away, get back to being healthy and lose a bit of this weight that’s happened, be more punctual, drink more water, get organized.

I need to also get into the rhythm of doing art when I don’t have pressing deadlines and set a steady routine. I go through periods of doing a ton of art at one time and then none, back and forth. It’ll be good for me to do it constantly.

And I’ll finally have time to write! I’ve had two new story ideas bouncing around my head, one with a first chapter written and the other in plotting, but I want to get back into that as well.


I can’t remember how things were before events and galleries and constant go go go. I think back and wonder how I had so much time but did so little. Even with thinks like Geek Trivia nights, Youtube vlogs, and writing, there was time I could have gotten things achieved.

I’m not making that mistake again. First, I’ll get myself back into shape and then I’ll keep the train rolling. I may not be running as much stuff any more, but I can still work on projects and ideas and plans for the future.

Keep moving forward.

What are your goals for March and how are you spending Spring Break? Let me know!

-Sam <3

Blog| Shopping Ban Update

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • Groceries and essential kitchen supplies
  • Gas for Car
  • Replacing essential cosmetics when they run out
  • Basic toiletries
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet essentials
  • Gifts for others
  • Necessary art supplies
  • Necessary business supplies
  • Restaurants (2 times a month at most)
  • 1 Audiobook a month (Audible. No more than the 1 credit)
  • Comic Books on your pull list only

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • Non-essential cosmetics (No lipsticks or eyeshadows, LUSH)
  • Clothes you don’t need
  • Shoes (Pretty shoes, flats, etc)
  • Books, magazines, notebooks (Gotta get a library card now)
  • Toys, Funko pops, mystery boxes (Overwatch boxes are no-no)
  • Video Games
  • Household items (candles, decor, furniture, etc.)
  • Electronics and appliances

Approved Shopping List

  • 2 pair of work slacks (I’m down to one pair)
  • 1 pair of work shoes (All of mine are breeeeeaking)
  • A compost bin (On my Goals List)
  • Hair done once (So my hair doesn’t fall out)
  • Oil Change/Car Related Maintenance
  • Passport (Also on Goals List)
  • Movies/Concerts/Events (I’m not missing Infinity Wars, guys)
  • 1 Purse (My tiny purse is breaking)
  • My friends’ products they create and sell (#Supportlocal)
  • I can replace things that break, but have to get rid of them.
  • 1 Souvenir if you travel

It’s been a bit over a month of starting my shopping ban so I thought I would update you all on how it’s going!

………not great.

When I first started, I was so pumped. I unsubscribed from all my shopping emails, hid pages for stores, and made sure I stuck to strict lists. I got a library card, started tossing items and figured out what I really needed versus what I wanted.

And then I got busy and then my mind decided that if it couldn’t shop for goodies, there were loopholes.

Let’s go over each section.


First, what I’m allowed to shop for.

I’m discovering that my mind very much likes to find loopholes in this process.


Art supplies? You need that color marker because your watercolors are shit. Buy them.

Business supplies? Guess what? It’s the month of a convention so you DEFINITELY NEED ALL NEW DISPLAY STUFF.

Gifts for others? Buy everyone all the stuff.

So now I’m trying to curb that. We have to use all the food in the house before going on a big grocery haul. Unless I NEED new art supplies, no more buying them. And now that the convention is over, I only restock what I’m completely out of. I bought new mailers for shipping and will list only the inventory that I currently have.

It’s easy for me to slip into a BUY EVERYTHING mindset after a con. I have extra money and we aren’t hurting with bills so obviously that means I should just get what I want? This time, I put everything into savings. I paid off bills and calculated what expenses I can pay ahead of time instead of waiting on my next check. I’m trying, guys!

I stuck to the 2 restaurants a month, but it wasn’t easy considering we had both Valentine’s dinner and our post-con tradition of getting Chinese buffet. I got a library card so I don’t buy books and have been conservative with our pets stuff (though we did get the dogs a new toy and treats for suffering through a week of kenneling and con-prepping).

The list is gonna need to be tightened up a bit to close the loopholes so here’s the new one.

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • Only groceries on your list and essential kitchen supplies
  • Gas for Car
  • Replacing essential cosmetics when they run out
  • Basic toiletries
  • 1 Starbucks coffee a month
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet Food and Litter
  • Gifts for others (only 1 each, under $50)
  • Replace 1 art supply item a month as it breaks
  • Necessary Business supplies as needed
  • Restaurants (2 times a month at most)
  • 1 Audiobook a month (Audible. No more than the 1 credit)
  • Comic Books on your pull list only

Now, what I’m not allowed to shop for.

I bought new foundation/concealer because I was out so I think that’s allowed. It’s the only makeup thing I’ve bought in forever and tends to last me a long time because I don’t wear it often.

Not gonna lie. I flubbed. Guess who bought a Black Panther shirt because in the words of Killmonger “I’m just feeling it.” I wore it for the con because I was too tired to cosplay but it’s still an unneccessary purchase considering I tossed out 75% of my wardrobe and mostly graphic shirts.


I also got a new blazer and dress shirt for Rony’s James Bond award ceremony but I did need a new blazer and I own no dressy button ups so mayyyyybe it’s allowed??? Okay, I’m joking myself. I’m probably never gonna wear the button up again because it has giant pirate poofy sleeves so it’s going into the garage sale. The only upside is technically Rony bought it but it’s still mine so I’m knocking myself for it.

Adding onto the flubs, I may have Pre-Ordered the new Court of Thorns and Roses book but COME ON! That needs a pass (plus I get a pretty new enamel pin with it) because it’s my favorite book and TECHNICALLY I haven’t paid for it yet because it’s an Amazon Pre-Order. But still.

I haven’t gotten any new decorations, video games, or appliances even after two different Dollar Section change outs at Target! Target is my weakness! It was haaaaaaaaaard.

So yeah, we’re editing this list too

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • Junk food
  • Candy
  • Gas station snacks
  • Non-essential cosmetics
  • Clothes that aren’t replacing something else
  • Shoes (Pretty shoes, flats, etc)
  • Books, magazines, notebooks (Gotta get a library card now)
  • Toys, Funko pops, mystery boxes (Overwatch boxes are no-no)
  • Video Games
  • Household items (candles, decor, furniture, etc.)
  • Electronics and appliances

Moving on, I did take some things off the Approved Shopping List. I cut down to only needing 1 new pair of work slacks and I’ll wait on the new shoes until one of mine finally gives up. I also took off a new purse because I just started fixing and using my old one or a tote bag.

I got my hair done! It was so nice and pretty (but now it’s fading awfully -_-)!

I only got a few things from my friends at the convention because I wanted to save my money.

All in all, this is how the new list looks:

Approved Shopping List

  • 2 1 pair of work slacks
  • 1 pair of work shoes 
  • A compost bin
  • Hair done once 
  • Oil Change/Car Related Maintenance
  • Passport
  • Movies/Concerts/Events
  • 1 Purse
  • My friends’ products they create and sell (#Supportlocal)
  • I can replace things that break, but have to get rid of them.
  • 1 Souvenir if you travel


I knew this was going to be hard, but I’m learning a lot of ways my mind is a jerk and reasons to buy things. I have a shopping problem. It doesn’t even have to be decorations, I just like to buy things whether it’s gifts or food.

Now that the convention is over, I’m going to be working hard to stick to this and my goals. March is already here and I’m determined!

Have you done a shopping ban? What tips would you suggest?

-Sam <3

Blog| Lubbock-Con 2018


Lubbock-con 2018 has come and gone and boy has it been a ride.

This year I shared my table with my friend Koolaid-Girl Art again and Rony tabled for the first time! He invited out friend Kyanne to share his so we were a fun little crew!

Friday I took a half day at work so I could finish preparations and set up. Me and Erica got to the venue at about 2:30 and spent two hours figuring out a set up for all our stuff. There may not look like much, but it’s a lot of work to get it all coordinated so people can browse through it easily!

I ran and got some last minute display items, we walked a couple of dogs from our dog walking gig, and then spent like 3 hours getting the rest of Rony’s prints and banner screen printed.


Our friend V.M.Bee helped us screen print his giant banner and it wasn’t easy! So thank you very much to her!

I spent an hour or so getting prints scanned, packing merch away, and then we worked from 2am to 7:30am getting last minute prints and stickers made. Yep, we didn’t sleep. At all.

Since Rony needed to set up before the con we quickly took showers and got dressed and headed to the convention center at like 8:30 am. It was chaos but somehow we pulled it off. I got my last minute Symmetra, Reinhardt, Moira, Mercy, and Elias prints done just in time for the con!


Day 1 was crazy busy. We always have a ton of success at Lubbock-Con and this year wasn’t any different. Erica (Koolaid-Girl) was doing commissions and had a ton of them while I was getting a lot of people buying the Scratch off tickets I made, stickers, and a lot of my original prints.

This year was the first year I had more original artwork than fan art and I was pleasantly surprised by the reception. My seasonal witches, witch hands, and stickers did really well! And people really liked the scratch offs so that made me super happy.

Saturday I spoke on the Wonder Women of Art in Lubbock, Texas Panel with a bunch of amazing women. We talked about what we did, our journeys, insecurities and how we knew we were on the right path. Our moderator was Will Terrell, local hometown hero and an old friend from when I was in high school. It’s crazy to think but I’ve known him for about 11 years! He’s an amazing artist who currently works in California so it was awesome to be able to be on his panel!

After the con, we went and had dinner with Rony’s family and I started to fall asleep while eating. 36 hours later, we were home and I passed out instantly.

I slept 12 hours. It was wonderful.


Sunday we were in much better spirits. We did some more last minute sticker and prints made, had coffee, and got to take a bit of a break before the crowd came. Sundays are always slow starts because we live in a church town. It doesn’t really pick up until like 2pm, which I was fine with. That gave me the chance to get organized a bit.

Erica went and talked on a panel about making comics with the rest of the pros (she makes a webcomic called Living When Dead. You should check it out!) and I proceeded to draw on a fake scar for Marisa’s cosplay. Behold, the best cosplay and only picture I took this weekend.


She was Ben Swolo. It was magical.

The day went by super fast once it picked up. Marisa was there to help me out and we finally got to walk about and check out some of the booths, but I didn’t even get to see everything. A gentleman actually bought my Xenomorph painting and with 10 minutes left in the convention and 6 scratch offs left, a girl found the ticket with the Batman Painting. I was so happy both of these got a new home!


We had so much fun and it’s really great doing a convention where you know so many people tabling and working it! I got to see my friends all day long and I knew we were taken care of if anything were to come up. It was like being surrounded by family all weekend.

Thank you again to everyone that came out to see us, bought merch, and to everyone that’s new after having met you! There were so many enthusiastic people that I felt proud of my art and felt like I was on the right track with it. It’s very different from what it was when I first started out, but I love the direction I’m going.

We celebrated a good con with our usual Chinese buffet dinner and went home to relax. Next weekend we’re going to have our garage sale and I have to unpack the car still, organize everything, and re-open the Etsy store. Rony’s also planning on trying to get his online store up with everything he had. Be sure to follow his Instagram and Facebook if you want to check out all his art!


If you didn’t get to make it out, I’ll be listing everything available on Etsy! New stickers, new prints, new zines. I have a ton of stuff :)

Lubbock-Con, you were great and no matter where we are, we’ll be back next year.

-Sam <3


Blog| Art, Insecurities, and Being Overwhelmed

It’s the week of the con which means the house is a mess, we’re running around constantly, and we’re pulling 8 hour work hours to get everything done in time.

This year, Rony’s got his own table so double the stress.

I’ve been in a funk mentally and the stress paired with being sick on and off (I’ve had awful back pain for the past 5 days) is all coming to a head.


Believe it or not, I’m actually far more prepared this time around than usual. Probably because I’m nixing the jewelry aspect of my business so I’m not making a thousand necklaces the night before. I have new prints, new zines, new stickers, a new display set up, new banner, and everything is good.

So obviously that means I should crank out 10 new art pieces the week before. Because that’s not stressful. Some of it is good, some of it is okay.

I’ve learned to like my art and it’s constant fluctuation of style because it makes things seem new every time. I like the art I’m producing and I think some people do too. But I’ve had this ongoing problem with feeling insecure about it. There’s always a bit of nerves when I make new art. Is it good, will people like it, will it sell if I make prints? Is everyone’s art better than it?

I know it’s pretty much all in my head. I’m seeing friends and artists selling art and getting engagement on their posts and people commenting about how good it looks while I’m getting crickets. Everyone’s prints and merch looks so nice and well made while I’m cutting 400 prints by hand and hand cutting stickers for 2 days because I can’t afford to get things made for me and I’m cheap. It’s the feeling of trying so hard and getting hardly nothing in return.


I think it’s also the fact that I’m letting go of so much. Ladies Night, Lubbock Artist Collective, Pokemon Art Drop, Geek Girl Brunch. I’m passing them all on and I’m seeing them continue without me. I no longer have ten thousand different events to go to and my calendar is empty and while that makes me a bit happy (I can paint for myself and write again!), there’s the feeling of being empty without these things.

I’ve talked before about how doing all these things feels like validation. You become the Go-To person, a mover and shaker, and then once it’s gone who are you without it?

Right now I’m feeling jealous and tiny and insecure. I feel like I’m projecting that onto people I care about and my brain is paranoid that everyone hates me and my art sucks.

But I’m aware that this is my brain being weird. I’m looking in on the outside saying “Hey, that probably isn’t true and you’re just in a funk” while being in the actual funk. I’m stressed from the animals, not being able to clean the house, getting art done, and worried about sales and it’s all culminating in this ugly mood.


One of my biggest sayings has been “Women Support Women” and I hate this awful paranoia I have right now because it goes against it. I love and support my friends and do not want to be jealous of them. My art is not like anyone else’s art and they’re art is not like my art. Some are good at certain things like talking to people and engaging or a certain art style that people like more while others are good at online sales and marketing and promoting themselves. Everyone is different and I need to start learning from others instead of being resentful.

I have friends that care. Yeah, I’m not great at reaching out and talking to them and I don’t really comment on people’s post, but I read them all and I care. I’m just a shitty introverted friend.

Brains are weird and we’re in a competitive society. So I’m going to feel jealous now and then. I need to make sure I don’t let it affect me and my attitude.

In a week, I won’t have to con prep. I’ll redo my store, organize the house, have a garage sale, and work on new things. Yes, I’m saying goodbye to a lot of things I created. But now I’ll have more time to create new things and focus on myself.

Jealousy and insecurity are awful, but they happen. I won’t let it affect me though.

Just one week. I can do this.

-Sam <3

Blog| How to Show Artists Some Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I debated writing something about love and our relationship with Valentine’s Day, but hey, this works too.

I see a lot of different comments and posts about loving an artists work and wanting to support them, but not being able to because you don’t have money. I feel like this a lot with artists I love and support. But here’s the thing: there’s a ton of ways you can help and support artists (whether this be painters, illustrators, musicians, writers, etc.) without money!

Since me and Rony are in Convention-Prep Hell right now, I thought I’d share some ways you can help!


With Money

This part is easy right? You buy things from them! Ta-Da! You supported an artist! But there’s actually a whole lot more ways than just buying merch and prints!

Support their Patreon

Patreon, if you don’t know, is a subscription service that lets you pledge a certain amount per month or per thing they make. Depending on how much you pledge, sometimes the artists set up different rewards! Exclusive blog posts, sneak peeks, livestreams! Sometimes even physical things like letters, postcards, art, commissions, etc. It’s a great way to get provide a steady stream of income for artists! You are directly contributing to their art!

Buy a “Coffee” on Ko-Fi


Ko-Fi is a non-subscription tipping service! Versus Patreon where you are pledging money, you can choose to Buy a “Coffee which is essentially donating $3 to the artist. You can choose to donate more and some artists will send you things in thanks! But it’s a no-string way to give money once or donate just a little bit! Like something they’ve been doing, buy them a coffee!

Online Store


Lots of artists, like myself, have online stores. Some use Etsy, Storeenvy, BigCartel, etc, or through a print on demand service like Society6 or they have their own set up through their website! Like I stated before, this is the most common form of support! Some of these even have it where you can Favorite Items, Shops, and Leave a Review! I suggest doing all of these as that can help the artist reach more customers!

Direct Sales or Events


Don’t want to deal with shipping? Get it from them yourself! If you see an artist you love at a convention or event, buy from them! This cuts out shipping costs, online store fees, and helps so they have less to take home!



Commissions, if you don’t know, is paying an artist to draw something you request. I only do a few because it stresses me out trying to make sure I make something a customer will like. But I do like doing them sometimes. Artists will sometimes open up a limited amount so they don’t have to rush through them, will do them in emergencies or just to give themselves something new to draw. Just note, commissions aren’t always cheap. Versus getting a print or reproduction item, commissions are one of a kind and you usually get the original piece of art. But that’s part of the lure and they help a bunch!


You probably have heard of Kickstarter and GoFundMe, right? That’s crowdfunding. Sometimes artists have projects that need support before they can go further. Sometimes it’s making enamel pins, sometimes a statue or board game or card deck. These tend to be higher quality, limited edition, or more unique items rather than a print or a sticker. You can pledge a certain amount of money based on tiers and get a reward based on how much you sign up for! A lot of artists do this for Enamel Pins. Say you want one. You would pledge $10 (or however much) based on the tier and if it reaches it’s goal, the project is funded and you get the pin! It’s easy!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for Supporting with Money! Let’s move on to the other ways! I’m gonna break this down further into categories!

Without Money

Social Media Accounts

Social media is the fastest, most public form of advertisement a creator has. It’s free and it’s a direct way to reach audiences. And it’s a provides an easy way to support!

  • Like a Post
  • Retweet/Share
  • Follow/Subscribe
  • Engage
  • Tag
  • Hashtag

Let me break that down further. A lot of these sites have algorithms that will determine when posts or profiles get recommended, how much they appear on feeds, etc. They’re awful and confusing and I won’t go into them. But I will say that yes, Liking a post does help but Commenting and Engaging with the post or profile does a ton more! (As well as Following/Subscribing)


Also yay on 1200 posts lol

The algorithm sees that people are interested and interacting when you comment and engage and pushes the post to be shown a bit more. You Like a post on Facebook? Guess what, now your friends are seeing that post too! Maybe they think the artist is cool and starts following them? Congratulations, you just helped that artist expand their support base!

Following and watching Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat stories help too! View counts are taken into consideration there!

Engagement is the best and biggest way you can help and it can be as easy as just saying how much you like the art piece or commenting on the caption!

Then there is Retweeting and Sharing! I recommend this a ton over Reposting because the post is still linked to the artist’s profile so they can still get the engagement numbers! But if you must repost, tag and credit the artist! That way your friends and followers can follow the artist too!


What else can you do with Social Media? Say you bought something from the artist already or saw them at an event? Take a picture and tag them! Link them in the caption! Hashtag it with their name! Have an art piece of theirs that happens to be in your selfie? Tag it! Artists love seeing their work in the wild and again, it links their artwork back to their profile!



Sometimes you can’t always buy stuff, but attending and sharing an event can help a bunch! I do a ton of things and love it when people come up and chat about art. That support means a bunch because they physically came to a thing because of me!

I advertise a lot with Facebook Events and having people share it or invite people can help me out so much! That’s more eyes on my page and more possible people that will like my work!

Word of Mouth

Sharing Events is basically the new Word of Mouth. So Invite people, tell your friends, show other people an artists work or let them know when they’ll be at an event!

And hey, you know someone putting on an event or a gallery needing an artist? Drop their name by them! Show them their work! This actually can help a ton because we aren’t omnipresent beings. We don’t always see artist calls or gallery’s posts. I’ve actually gotten invited to a few events this way! It helps!


There’s a lot more little ways you can help, but the main idea is that you don’t have to have money. Interacting, engaging, sharing, helping the artist get more eyes on their work can help an artist’s base grow so much and it’s free and easy!

I hope this helps you to show a little love to creators you love yourself! We love what we do and we try hard, but there’s a reason why it’s called a support base. Fans and appreciators are our foundation.

Thank you so much and Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re a week away from Lubbock-Con and I’m excited to be able to see so many of you in person!

And if you have any more ideas on how to support artists, comment! Artists, comment with what support you think is most beneficial!

-Sam <3

PS. Here’s the links to all the places you can support me ;)