Blog| Father’s Day Weekend Recap


This past weekend was Father’s Day and it was busy, but in a non-work way. Rony got up early Saturday and went to a designer coffee thing before I even woke up and got out of bed and then we cleaned the house and had a meet and greet with a big puppy we’ll be watching in July. The dog was HUGE. Like a lab mix with giant giraffe stilt legs. But it went well and it should be an easy dog job.

Saturday was hot. It was 110 degrees. We let the dogs out early in the morning and then again at 2pm for 10 minutes and they were dying. I thought we were all going to die. I was born in Texas and have lived here my whole life and something must have gone wrong because I was NOT built for heat. I get overheated easily and my hair is thick so I sweat and get heat sick. It’s awful.

After the dog meeting we went and had lunch with a friend and went to Target to get some shopping done. It was so hot outside the coolers in the store couldn’t keep the food cool enough and everything went bad. They were having to toss everything that wasn’t in the closed freezer section. So we only got half our groceries which sucked.


On the bright side, I bought Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray and got a toy Wonder Woman sword. It was cool.

After that we went to my grandma’s house for a BBQ and Rony played basketball with my dad, uncle, and cousins. I played with Almond’s mama, Peanut, for a bit and her grandpa, Otto the Dalmatian. She’s almost his size and it’s weird. My dog is going to be a small horse.

Saturday night I sneakily wrapped up Rony and my dad’s Father’s Day presents and made the animals put their paw prints on a card. The cats weren’t happy but I managed to get a good paw print but oh dear god Leon and Almond threw the biggest fit. I could barely get anything on the card because they were not having it.


Rony and I do celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day with each other and treat it more like a Fur Parents day. I know not everyone agrees with it, but we treat the animals like kids and we use the day to show appreciation for the work we do. We’ve started the trend where the presents tend to have something to do with the animals.

I got Rony a giant theater Alien: Covenant poster he wanted and this adorable kangaroo pouch cat sweater. Here’s the thing about this sweater: you can put your cat in it. The kangaroo pouch is so you can hold your cat. It’s amazing and even has little pockets in the front, paw prints on the sleeves, and cat ears. And holy crap, it worked so well. Pumpkaboo loved to be in it. Rony worked in the garden with her in it. As long as he didn’t bend over, she stayed in.

Ryder was less than thrilled but stayed in it too. The tassels worked as a play toy and they were entertained enough with the outdoors that they didn’t seem bothered. Rony loved it so much.



We took my dad to breakfast, a little local cafe with cheap but amazing breakfast food. My dad doesn’t go anywhere that’s not a chain and we wanted to show him this so he can get out of his comfort zone a bit. He loved it and it wasn’t that much for all three of us to eat.

After that we went to Home Depot, got some extension cords, lights, chicken wire to secure the back fence, and tomato poles to keep them upright. We spent 4 hours in the garden, extending out the pumpkin plants, re-potting strawberries, and bracing the tomato plants. The front of the house looks ten times better now that we have plants everywhere and the pumpkins are growing like crazy.

The police officer that helped me during my robbery drive by and said hi to us and we chatted for a bit. He likes to drive by the house sometimes and make sure we’re alright and check on us, which we greatly appreciate. He’s a funny guy and sweet and remembers us because of how crazy that day was.


Friday I started a small new project that I’ll do a new post about. I started reading Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script on Facebook Live. I read about 20+ pages a day and once I’m done I’ll make a blog post about it, my worries, and why I’ve been worried about him directing the new Batgirl film. People have asked and this was a fun way to do it.

You can see the Intro video here.

After that I passed out for 4 hours because I have not been feeling great lately. Plus I think the sun finally did me in. And that was our exciting weekend.

I think this week I may do a house tour so look out for that and I’ve talked to my sister about doing a 365 Photos Challenge. I’m not doing so good at posting to Instagram every day but I think if I do a blog post with all the weeks pictures that would be good. We’re going to start July 1st which is the same day we’re throwing a BBQ party.

Lots going on! How did you spend you Father’s Day Weekend?


-Sam <3

Blog| Summerween!

IMG_1801IMG_1812As far as I know, the concept of Summerween gained momentum when the cartoon Gravity Falls did an episode about it but there have been Summerween parties and celebrations before that. The idea is pretty simple. It’s a Summer Halloween Party because dressing up one time a year just isn’t enough.

This year, our friend Adam celebrated the 10 year anniversary since the very first Summerween party he threw. The party is a big deal and gets a ton of attendance from people. We carve watermelons instead of pumpkins, make all the inside fruit into trash punch, and have a celebratory apple bobbing contest.

The house gets packed full of people from all over the place and usually, I end up seeing way too many people from high school. There’s beer and alcohol everywhere and sometimes people even bring snacks. You guard your pack of beer close because it will get taken if you leave it in the fridge.

Because Rony and I collect Halloween decor, most of the decorations came from us.


Last year me and Rony went as summer goths, inspired by that episode of Portlandia with Danzig from the Misfits. This year was less weird but we managed to pull off a pretty cool costume. Rony was a Xenomorph and I was Ripley. His costume took the longest.

We got a black morph suit from Amazon that ended up being a size too small. So we left the head part off. Next we got some black tubing from Home Depot for the tail and weird shoulder pieces, black flip flops so Rony would walk around without cutting his feet, Dollar tree sunglasses, and a party blower we painted black for the second mouth.

His teeth and mouth was a white dust mask we painted black and cut the shape of the mouth into. This let him breathe and also meant he could have the party blower pop out. I painted the teeth onto the mask and then added hot glue to give them dimension and to make the spit drips. The original movie used KY Jelly and I wasn’t about to do that.

His head was the most complicated part. The helmet is made out of giant plastic pickle juice jugs. No joking. Our house and car and everything smells like pickle juice. We had to heat it up to cut it in half and then ended up having to buy a second jug just to make it long enough. We got a lot of weird looks and now our fridge is filled with pickle juice in various containers.

The helmet is held on with a headband and the two pieces stuck together with hot flue, Gorilla Glue, and duct tape. I then spray painted all of it black, sealed it, and gloss varnished it to make it look glossy. To make the bulbous backpart, it’s a purple balloon that was suppose to be black and so we covered it up with pantyhose stockings. It’s also held in with duct tape. We painted any exposed parts of his face with water activated body paints and then he was all done!

You’ve never seen Rony as excited and happy as when he was a Xenomorph. He danced around everywhere and was outgoing and pumped up. It was hilarious.

My outfit was a lot simpler. I ordered gray men’s coveralls and rolled up the arms and legs because I’m a shorty. Added a white shirt and spray painted the largest dollar store toy gun I could find. My hair is close to Ripley’s when it’s curly so I didn’t have to do anything and just grabbed Rony’s Chestburster plush.

Ta da, Alien costumes!


Ramen haired Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears; matching jean outfit era


Dr. Poison from Wonder Woman





Don’t know but she looks awesome!


Ned Zissou from Life Aquatic

We had a ton of fun like always. I didn’t take many pictures because, you know, drunk people and it was getting crowded. There was a Batgirl and Steven Universe and Calvin and Hobbs plus your usual ghost. Rony tried to do apple bobbing with his outfit, but his head proved troublesome.

I actually didn’t drink. Just wasn’t feeling it but that may be why I felt like going to bed at like 1am. Maybe I’m just getting old but I can rarely stay up super late anymore.

This Summerween was probably our last one if we stay on track to move in May. Little things like these are things we’re gonna miss but it was great to go out with a bang at least.

Have you ever celebrated Summerween?


-Sam <3

Blog| I Went to a Women Only Wonder Woman Showing


There’s been a lot of noise about Alamo Drafthouse’s Women Only screening of Wonder Woman. It’s the same noise I’ve seen around comic book shop’s Ladies Night (we even got some of that noise when we started ours.) Men yell about why they don’t get a Men’s Only showing of _____ and _____, not realizing that most of the media is catered towards men and they don’t have to fight for representation like women do.

I deal with a lot of it. It’s old news for me. Creating women centered content means I hear and see a lot of the same argument and it’s tiring and boring.

You can’t yell equal treatment when the minority is still struggling to be on par. You raise them up and yes, that means sometimes “special treatment” until they no longer need the help and are in fact equal.

But that’s another rant for another time.



When I saw our local Alamo was doing a Women’s Only screening, I immediately bought tickets. This was before the movie even came out. I was so excited. It’s a rare occurrence for their to be a women focused event that I’m NOT involved in and I was going to be there no matter what.

Men started complaining, of course, but I didn’t care. We were seeing the movie June 1st, doing our Art of Wonder Woman gallery June 2nd, and Wonder Woman Day was happening June 3rd. Everything was Wonder Woman.

I dressed up, met my friends at the theater, splurged on a ton of food, and then cried through the whole movie.


I cried when you see the Amazons for the first time. The diversity! So many women of color and different body shapes and Robin Wright and baby Diana and my heart burst. The world of Themyscira was amazing and colorful and beautiful and dear god can we get a whole movie just showing life there? Please?!

I laughed and cried some more and sobbed when Diana crossed No Man’s Land. The only thing I could think was “That’s Wonder Woman. That’s her and she’s amazing and everything I could have hoped for.”


I loved the movie. It wasn’t perfect but it set the bar high for me. I felt inspired and amazing and confident and empowered. This was a movie about Diana, about her coming into her own, not just about her defeating a bad guy. It’s her story rather than a story about defeating evil.

She’s a woman that is confident in her sexuality and love and hope for mankind and strength. She’s amazed at her own abilities but doesn’t doubt herself. She sees wrong and cannot just stand by even when everyone tells her it cannot be done. She is kind and never talks down the people around her even when she knows she stronger than them.


Yesterday, was the Women’s Only showing of Wonder Woman. I had been itching to watch the movie again, but this was the best way to see it. I noticed a couple days before though, that the listing wasn’t on the website anymore.

I panicked. They better not have canceled it.

I checked again. Nothing. I called. It was still happening but was sold out.

Alamo had taken the listing off the website. We showed up and they had our tickets in an envelope behind the counter. Sneaky. My best bet was this was to avoid people showing up and making a ruckus. If it’s not listed anywhere and not advertised, they don’t know where to go and what time.

In the lobby, they had a Rosie the Riveter style backdrop up, a Wonder Woman cosplayer who was perfect, and a tiara, bracelet, lasso set for people to take pictures with. At the showing door, some staff stood outside, most likely to make sure guys didn’t enter.

They had Wonder Woman slap bracelets on every seat. They were so nice and sparkly! We tried to find more after the showing, but they said they didn’t have extras. Oh well. The staff was all women. A host from Texas Tech that does their Sexism in Cinema series came out before hand and talked about Wonder Woman and the history it was making. Me and my friend Alex that came with me pigged out on ALL the food. It was a glorious night.


Sorry for the grainy phone pic.

It’s amazing what happens when you get a ton of women together. They let loose and relax. A lot of them laugh and ooh and cheer at the same moments, more so than at a regular screening. Subtle looks Diana would give at being talked over or being called just “a woman” rather than her name erupted in jeers. There were laughs and tears I could hear the theater go silent during No Man’s Land at the sheer glory of it.

The whole thing was amazing. Afterwards, women chatted with each other and told each other their opinions and what they were excited about. Everyone seemed so pumped! A group of women made a pyramid to take a picture, fully in tiara and sword. We all cheered them on. We ran into a friend and stole the tiara to take pictures then ran into the photobooth to take more pictures. We talked to a couple of girls who were sitting a few seats away.

I can’t even begin describing the feeling. I didn’t feel shy or nervous talking to these random strangers and cheering girls on we didn’t know. We were all riding the feeling of the night and the comradery of having seen a movie made for us, about us, with our point of view.

Wonder Woman is not a perfect movie, but it’s a start. Women have waited so long for a hero that doesn’t come from sexual violence or tragedy, but one made in hope and love who just wants a better world. I’m excited to see what happens in the future and excited for more Wonder Woman.

We’re just getting started.


-Sam <3

Blog| First Tomato!

Processed with MOLDIVIMG_1658IMG_1666IMG_1668

Rony and I decided this year we would try and grow a garden in the front. Last year we had a few pumpkin plants given to us by a friend, but all three died and we weren’t sure what went wrong. This time, we tilled the ground by our stoop and planted a whole pumpkin patch from seeds, got a few tomato plants, and slowly began collecting plants like white strawberries, pepper, and carrots.

The pumpkins are growing like crazy (I’ll do a post about them later) and I’ve already plucked our first red and white strawberries, but I’ve been most excited about the tomatoes. I LOVE tomatoes. Like I can eat them like apples. I had a tomato plant briefly in Dallas before I moved back to Lubbock and it was the best thing.

So in our effort to be healthier and a bit greener, we’ve wanted to grow our own veggies.

IMG_1675Processed with MOLDIVIMG_1680IMG_1688

This one had been doing good and went from having one baby tomato to one big one and two new babies. It took a while but it finally went from green to red. I really need to get a cage for it since it’s getting weighed down, but so far it hasn’t been too bad about leaning to a side.

I went ahead and washed it off since some birds like to poop on the plants and we had used a plant food on all the plants to help the pumpkins vine. The tomato popped off really easily and was really firm. I don’t remember what kind of tomato it is since we have three different kinds, but I think it’s a beefsteak?

There was some black little holes along the bottom so I got really worried the tomato wasn’t good. I honestly would have been heartbroken since at this point, it’s the only veggie that has gotten to full size. Both my strawberries ended up being really small and hasn’t gotten any new berries. But I sliced off the bottom and it was pretty much perfect!

Processed with MOLDIVIMG_1692IMG_1694IMG_1697

Honestly, it was one of the best tomatoes I’ve ever had. It was firm and kinda salty versus kind of soft and sweet like most store bought tomatoes are now. It didn’t mush and had so much flavor! I tried a bit and then Rony some. I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe me when I told him it was amazing, but watching him take a bite and he was blown away too.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables and plants is incredibly gratifying. One, if the plants keep producing then we won’t have to buy them and two, you know exactly where the food came from! Plus it’s very rewarding and you really feel proud.

IMG_1700Processed with MOLDIV

We have about four more tomato plants and hopefully they’ll start producing veggies soon. My two babies are doing good and I’m excited!

Have you grown your own food before? Let me know!

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

-Sam <3

The Art of Wonder Woman


This past friday, June 2nd, was the premiere of the new Wonder Woman movie and to celebrate the occasion we hosted a The Art of Wonder Woman gallery! The gallery was a part of the First Friday Art Trail in town, an art even that happens on the first Friday of every month. Trolleys will run and take people to the multiple art galleries on the trail and it’s a big event.

This First Friday Art Trail it decided to rain, but that didn’t stop a bunch of people from coming out to the gallery’s reception and seeing all the art. I happen to run a group called the Lubbock Artist Collective and try to give artists galleries to show at and provide resources for new galleries. So monthly I’ll put on themed galleries at Star Books & Comics and have as many as 10-20 artists submit art pieces. It’s been a pretty cool experience and I’m glad I’ve gotten an opportunity to do these shows.


I decided to dress up for the occasion and put together a retro themed Wonder Woman outfit and attempted to do a victory rolls inspired hairdo. It was a very last minute put together outfit but maybe later when I have time I’ll fix it up and wear it to a con.

I think, all in all, we had 16 artists participate in the gallery including myself. The medium ranged from paper cut to acrylic to watercolor and airbrush. We had experienced artists and first timers and it was wonderful to see all the different ways that people thought and perceived Wonder Woman.

A few of my favorites are listed below. I had to do mine last minute since con prepping took up most of my time. I did it with Ink, pencil, and watercolor and was pretty happy with how it came out. Mine is the first one below.


The crowd was so enthusiastic and excited not only about the art but the new movie. I was lucky enough to see it the day before and it was amazing. I’m so happy with how it came out, that I got to put on this event, and to be a part of an experience that means so much to so many women.

The art gallery is up for the rest of the month and can be found at Star Books & Comics . You can check out the full gallery of images Rony took from the event here.

The next gallery we are doing is Villains themed! It’ll be July 14th so if you’re in Lubbock, you can check that event out!


Lubbock-Con 2017 Recap!


This past weekend was Lubbock-Con’s sophomore show and we were tabling! Because we’d done so many of their events and helped out, we got to be in a super cool area just for featured artists. I’ve worked a lot with Lubbock-Con since their inception because Star Comics is involved and a lot of my friends help in some for or another and it was great to see all the hard work go into the show. Plus the number one way to make a con fun is to have friends there and I had them everywhere.


This year Lubbock-con was taking place on Memorial Day weekend instead of February like last year but they’ll be going back to February in 2018. And it was two whole days instead of one! And there were a ton of things to do. (I don’t even think I got to see everything. I was too busy running around!)

Our town is a college town and unfortunately, Texas Tech was out for Summer and there were graduations happening all weekend. So there was a lower attendance, but you wouldn’t really be able to tell with the business we got. Our sales were only slightly lower than last year but much higher than expected!


Traffic was slow but steady, but we had a ton of people come up to us and buy things. I tabled again with Erica of Koolaid-Girl Art and we both had a blast. She’s a webcomic artist/creator of Living When Dead and colorist for the webcomic Ava’s Demon so she had a ton of people come by and get her art. Her art is absolutely amazing and she always blows me away with what she can do.

We started making the transition from 11×17 prints and had a bunch of new 6×9 and 8×10 prints of my Inktober art and my Overwatch sketches. I actually sold out of Sombra prints on day 1 and had to make new ones for day 2. It was my first time cosplaying as well and I was overjoyed that people recognized me as Sombra and wanted pictures. I did a punk!version because I could not figure out how to make her jacket from scratch.

I’ll be doing cosplay posts of each of my costumes!


Everyone was so happy and excited to see our art and there were so many amazing cosplays. I only got a few pictures of some of my favorites but there were sooooo many. I actually got to be in two different Overwatch pictures! One with my friends and one with two AMAZING cosplayers. I am not nearly as cool but it was super awesome taking a picture with them!


Sunday I went as Bombshell Batwoman and got to judge the Miss Lubbock-Con pageant! That was a surreal experience (I was supes awkward), but it was neat to participate and the winner was just a bubbly ball of energy. Shout out to Alex for forcing me out of my shell and making me do it. I love/hate you.


Overall, it was a really good show and I really enjoyed myself. There was something for everyone and was such a relaxing chill show. Thanks again to the staff and volunteers! Everyone checked on us and made sure we were okay and we even got some snacks and lunch. Everyone was super accommodating and helped us with whatever we needed.

I’m excited for next year and hope to have more new stuff and see everyone back then! For now, I gotta get everything set for the Wonder Woman gallery on Friday at Star Comics! I’ll post my cosplay photos next so keep an eye out!



-Sam <3

Blog| Badass Babes Dinner


I read a lot of Autobiographies and self-help books. I like hearing other women’s stories and what they’re been through and I like trying to motivate myself to work harder and better. 51pppqitpzl-_sx324_bo1204203200_

Recently I read The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the Badass Babe You Were Meant to Be by Ann Shoket. Ann Shoket was the Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine and started what are called Badass Babes Dinners where she gets groups of ambitious women and talks about their projects and goals and what’s holding them back.


Naturally, I wanted to do one.

The other Geek Girl Brunch Officers (My friends Alex, Jennifer, and Noel) helped plan it and Alex offered up her home to everyone. We ordered pizza and pot lucked and had about 16 girls total show up.

Everyone was different. Some we knew through Geek Girl Brunch, some through different ways we worked in the community, some from the art scene, and some were friends of friends. Being involved in different events and organizations means you meet women from all walks of life and it was great to see the diversity in the group.


We all chatted and ate and women that hadn’t met got to know each other.

And then we started and I talked about the idea about the dinner and asked the question Ann Shoket always starts her dinners with, “If I could magically solve one problem for you, what would it be?”

One by one, we all introduced ourselves and talked about our problems and fears and our lives. Provided suggestions or relayed our own experiences if they were similar. Women looking for friends found a whole room full of them.

A lot of the women exchanged numbers or sent Facebook requests and requested that a FB group be made. Horror movie nights and writing groups and more dinners were requested. Project ideas were shared.


We shared ourselves and were welcomed wholly.

When you share your fears, it can make you vulnerable. I wanted to make sure these wonderful ladies left at least on a positive note. I asked everyone to share something they liked about themselves or were at least good at and a goal or dream for the next five years.

It’s hard, looking at yourself and seeing the positive instead of the things you’re insecure about. But I wanted them to see at least one good thing.

Some goals were small, some were large. If the answers were still in the vein of being negative about themselves, I pushed them until they answered positively. The room listened and helped and we all supported each other.


I think we all talked together for almost 3 hours. We didn’t get to discuss as many different things, but there will probably be more dinners in the future. More chances to talk about the things we love and our passions and goals and help each other.

It meant a lot to see these women connect and talk and trust each other with their fears. I know it’s not something a lot of us talk about a lot and knowing there were people facing the same problems helped.

Thanks you, bad ass babes, for coming! It meant the world.

-Sam <3