Blog| How to Show Artists Some Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I debated writing something about love and our relationship with Valentine’s Day, but hey, this works too.

I see a lot of different comments and posts about loving an artists work and wanting to support them, but not being able to because you don’t have money. I feel like this a lot with artists I love and support. But here’s the thing: there’s a ton of ways you can help and support artists (whether this be painters, illustrators, musicians, writers, etc.) without money!

Since me and Rony are in Convention-Prep Hell right now, I thought I’d share some ways you can help!


With Money

This part is easy right? You buy things from them! Ta-Da! You supported an artist! But there’s actually a whole lot more ways than just buying merch and prints!

Support their Patreon

Patreon, if you don’t know, is a subscription service that lets you pledge a certain amount per month or per thing they make. Depending on how much you pledge, sometimes the artists set up different rewards! Exclusive blog posts, sneak peeks, livestreams! Sometimes even physical things like letters, postcards, art, commissions, etc. It’s a great way to get provide a steady stream of income for artists! You are directly contributing to their art!

Buy a “Coffee” on Ko-Fi


Ko-Fi is a non-subscription tipping service! Versus Patreon where you are pledging money, you can choose to Buy a “Coffee which is essentially donating $3 to the artist. You can choose to donate more and some artists will send you things in thanks! But it’s a no-string way to give money once or donate just a little bit! Like something they’ve been doing, buy them a coffee!

Online Store


Lots of artists, like myself, have online stores. Some use Etsy, Storeenvy, BigCartel, etc, or through a print on demand service like Society6 or they have their own set up through their website! Like I stated before, this is the most common form of support! Some of these even have it where you can Favorite Items, Shops, and Leave a Review! I suggest doing all of these as that can help the artist reach more customers!

Direct Sales or Events


Don’t want to deal with shipping? Get it from them yourself! If you see an artist you love at a convention or event, buy from them! This cuts out shipping costs, online store fees, and helps so they have less to take home!



Commissions, if you don’t know, is paying an artist to draw something you request. I only do a few because it stresses me out trying to make sure I make something a customer will like. But I do like doing them sometimes. Artists will sometimes open up a limited amount so they don’t have to rush through them, will do them in emergencies or just to give themselves something new to draw. Just note, commissions aren’t always cheap. Versus getting a print or reproduction item, commissions are one of a kind and you usually get the original piece of art. But that’s part of the lure and they help a bunch!


You probably have heard of Kickstarter and GoFundMe, right? That’s crowdfunding. Sometimes artists have projects that need support before they can go further. Sometimes it’s making enamel pins, sometimes a statue or board game or card deck. These tend to be higher quality, limited edition, or more unique items rather than a print or a sticker. You can pledge a certain amount of money based on tiers and get a reward based on how much you sign up for! A lot of artists do this for Enamel Pins. Say you want one. You would pledge $10 (or however much) based on the tier and if it reaches it’s goal, the project is funded and you get the pin! It’s easy!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for Supporting with Money! Let’s move on to the other ways! I’m gonna break this down further into categories!

Without Money

Social Media Accounts

Social media is the fastest, most public form of advertisement a creator has. It’s free and it’s a direct way to reach audiences. And it’s a provides an easy way to support!

  • Like a Post
  • Retweet/Share
  • Follow/Subscribe
  • Engage
  • Tag
  • Hashtag

Let me break that down further. A lot of these sites have algorithms that will determine when posts or profiles get recommended, how much they appear on feeds, etc. They’re awful and confusing and I won’t go into them. But I will say that yes, Liking a post does help but Commenting and Engaging with the post or profile does a ton more! (As well as Following/Subscribing)


Also yay on 1200 posts lol

The algorithm sees that people are interested and interacting when you comment and engage and pushes the post to be shown a bit more. You Like a post on Facebook? Guess what, now your friends are seeing that post too! Maybe they think the artist is cool and starts following them? Congratulations, you just helped that artist expand their support base!

Following and watching Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat stories help too! View counts are taken into consideration there!

Engagement is the best and biggest way you can help and it can be as easy as just saying how much you like the art piece or commenting on the caption!

Then there is Retweeting and Sharing! I recommend this a ton over Reposting because the post is still linked to the artist’s profile so they can still get the engagement numbers! But if you must repost, tag and credit the artist! That way your friends and followers can follow the artist too!


What else can you do with Social Media? Say you bought something from the artist already or saw them at an event? Take a picture and tag them! Link them in the caption! Hashtag it with their name! Have an art piece of theirs that happens to be in your selfie? Tag it! Artists love seeing their work in the wild and again, it links their artwork back to their profile!



Sometimes you can’t always buy stuff, but attending and sharing an event can help a bunch! I do a ton of things and love it when people come up and chat about art. That support means a bunch because they physically came to a thing because of me!

I advertise a lot with Facebook Events and having people share it or invite people can help me out so much! That’s more eyes on my page and more possible people that will like my work!

Word of Mouth

Sharing Events is basically the new Word of Mouth. So Invite people, tell your friends, show other people an artists work or let them know when they’ll be at an event!

And hey, you know someone putting on an event or a gallery needing an artist? Drop their name by them! Show them their work! This actually can help a ton because we aren’t omnipresent beings. We don’t always see artist calls or gallery’s posts. I’ve actually gotten invited to a few events this way! It helps!


There’s a lot more little ways you can help, but the main idea is that you don’t have to have money. Interacting, engaging, sharing, helping the artist get more eyes on their work can help an artist’s base grow so much and it’s free and easy!

I hope this helps you to show a little love to creators you love yourself! We love what we do and we try hard, but there’s a reason why it’s called a support base. Fans and appreciators are our foundation.

Thank you so much and Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re a week away from Lubbock-Con and I’m excited to be able to see so many of you in person!

And if you have any more ideas on how to support artists, comment! Artists, comment with what support you think is most beneficial!

-Sam <3

PS. Here’s the links to all the places you can support me ;)


Blog| February Goals


January, while busy, was not as crazy as expected. Yes, we went on ten thousand trips and parties and there was general chaos, but not AS MUCH chaos as expected. So that was great.

I’m beginning to slowly feel the pressure of constant events and deadlines easing as I slowly delegate and step away. Now it’s just the stress of actually moving.

One thing at a time. Enough of that. How did my goals go for the first month of 2018?



  • Clean! Throw out and condense things! I tossed out so much stuff, no lie, and I’m still tossing stuff out.
  • Give up soda and drink more water   I’m giving myself a half mark on this. I have been drinking more water, but I relapsed on the soda to keep awake the day after Leon went missing
  • Play and socialize the kittens! They’re getting better! They came out when Marisa was over and I consider that a plus
  • Seriously, no fast food. I DID IT
  • Stay organized and give myself some relax time, but not too much I’ve been using my Planner AND actually had time to play and watch Overwatch League


  • Get Inktober prints/sketchbook done  Got all my 8×10 prints printed out and the colored Inktober zines done!
  • Go through inventory and restock- Less of a restock and more of a “I’m marking everything on clearance and getting rid of it”
  • Paint once a week Yeah I dropped the ball on this big time
  • Do a live stream or speed video I’m counting our graffiti time lapse for this! Fight me on that!
  • Restart #52Selfies  Back on that train!


Guys. GUYS. 8.5/10. I did so good I amazed myself

I’m very aware I make a lot of goals. Between my monthly ones and my yearly ones and my birthday ones, it’s a lot. But goals keep me on task and make sure I’m not just aimlessly doing nothing all month/year. And I’m proud that I’ve kept on task.

I’m working on myself and working towards deadlines, making sure I’m not stressed and taking care of business. All in all, that’s a good way to start the year.

Ok, let’s move on to February! It’s a short month so that means I have to be extra good!



  • Garage Sale
  • Make a capsule wardrobe
  • Cook or throw out all the food that’s been sitting in the pantry
  • Do some form of exercise once a week
  • Only drink water doing the weekday
  • Get up at 7am for work



  • Get the art done for Ladies Night
  • Write 2 blogs a week
  • Do 3 art pieces
  • Update resume/portfolio

This month is mostly going to be all about prepping for Lubbock-Con so I didn’t want to do anything too intensive. I want to stay consistent and regular with a schedule so I don’t turn into a lazy mush bag on the couch.

We got rid of so much stuff in the house that we have to have a garage sale. If it doesn’t sell, it gets donated. We had 5+ tubs of Halloween stuff. FIVE. And that was just Halloween seasonal stuff, not the Halloween collectibles in our dining room. I have a ton of clothes I need to toss that don’t fit and I want to condense down what I wear even more.

I also want to focus on being less wasteful so all that food sitting in our cabinet because it takes cooking? We gotta make it. I’m going to try and be healthier and drink less tea and juice and switch to water. I really need to exercise.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve gained 20lbs. I hate it. I’ve never been this big. I do not like it. So that needs to get fixed. And I need to stop being late for work.

The word of the year is Better! I need to be a better me and a better artist. One day I want to be a full time/self-employed artist and that means I need to be better about managing myself.


What are your goals for the month? Is there anything you want me to write about? Let me know!

-Sam <3

Blog| Cooking Part 1

So one of my 2018 goals was to cook through an entire cookbook.

I’m not a complete newbie to cooking, but I stick to the basics a lot. I don’t cook as often as I should and eat a lot of junk. I want to learn so when I look through my pantry, I’m not instantly saying there’s nothing to eat when there is a lot to eat, I just have to cook it.

Last Monday, I picked up the cookbook Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day. It took a while to settle on it when faced with the mountain bookshelf of cookbooks covering all sorts of topics. But the $4 a day and the fact it wasn’t huge sold it to me.

There are less than 200 recipes and they cover all sorts of things from breakfast to drinks to snacks to big batches for large parties. So this weekend I did my first few recipes. 2 Breakfast recipes and a Dinner one.

Day 1: Tomato Scrambled Eggs & Spicy, Crunchy, Creamy Polenta


This was the first recipe in the book and I instantly thought, “Oh shit, this is easy.”

Fun fact: for some reason, I am awful at eggs. I always overcook or under cook them. I can do hard boil (kinda) and scrambled (kinda…) but it’s a process. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always messed them up.

I may have gone in with too much enthusiasm.

First mistake: I only had 3 eggs instead of 4. No problem, just cut the amounts by a bit right?

Ho-oh oh, my friend. That’s what I thought too.


I chopped some fresh Basil (Black would not stop bugging me and getting on the counter), fluffed the eggs, and started cooking down a can of tomatoes. Knowing that I had less eggs, I even drained the tomatoes and took some out. When they were cooked down and juice evaporated, I poured in my eggs.

Now at about this time, I think things are going swell. It’s starting to cook and form little clumps, all according to plan. I toast some bread, I’m listening to my audio book, and cleaning some dishes up while stirring the mixture. Everything is fine.

It’s fine. Totally fine.


The eggs stop clumping. There’s too much tomato. It’s tomato with some egg rather than Eggs with tomatoes. I somehow managed to mess up the very first and one of the EASIEST RECIPES.



That is the face of shame.

Yep. 27 years old and still bad at eggs.

I can’t start over. We have no more eggs. The only ones we have I found at the bottom of the fridge and expired in May 2017. I have to make do or else we’re eating tomato egg soup (scratch that, uncooked eggs are not good to eat).

I turn up the heat. I can just force it to congeal by cooking out the liquids. It’ll be fine. Fine. Absolutely fine.

5 minutes later, we were getting somewhere. It was thickening and clumping together and there was hope.


Excuse my gross stovetop

When it finally looked like eggs, I put some toast down, plopped the eggs on top, and sprinkled some of the basil with salt and pepper.

“This pile of fluffy, creamy eggs holds together a mass of tangy, juicy, sweet tomatoes…” -the cookbook.

Mine were slightly gritty looking, not fluffy, and slightly questionable looking. But whatever.

Rony’s office review: “It’s good, dude. If you hadn’t told me you messed up the eggs, I wouldn’t have known. B+”

“Why a B?”

“Presentation could be better. The eggs are a little red.”

“They’re suppose to be?”

Looks at cookbook. “Oh yeah. Guess they are. A-”


Breakfast done. I let him pick out dinner and of course, he chose one of the weird ones. Polenta. What the heck is polenta anyways?

Now it says spicy in the title. I cannot eat spicy foods. I get sick. So we decided to cut that out. No chilis for me, thank you.


The dish basically consists of this goop looking substance called polenta, spinach with garlic, and a sunny side up egg. I hate sunny side up eggs. I don’t like yolk. This whole dish is gonna be an experience.

Went to the grocery store, found polenta mix, got more eggs, got garlic. We’re set to go.

I cook the garlic and spinach down in butter while I start the polenta. It’s basically corn meal and you have to keep stirring it to keep it smooth.


It’s a weird consistency. Like porridge. I’m not a fan.

When it’s close to done, I start cooking the eggs. This I did not mess up! Kinda. I forgot to set a timer and may have let the eggs cooks too long because the yolk was only half runny. All well. I hate yolk.

I scooped the polenta in a bowl, topped it with the spinach garlic mix, then the eggs, and sprinkled Parmesan on it.

Ta da!


Okay but for real, I had less trouble making this than TOMATO EGGS. WTF.

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t a fan. I didn’t like the too runny mash potato texture, I put too much garlic in the spinach, and I still do not like sunny side up eggs. Also I have no clue where the crunchy part of this recipe is. Was it suppose to be the eggs because that definitely didn’t happen.

I tried. Guys, I really did try.

The worst part: It only took half a cup of polenta mix to make this. I still have a whole bag I have to use because we’re not going to be wasteful.

Rony’s review: “Good with the yolk. Good presentation and texture. Needs more chili.”

“There aren’t any chili.”

“Well I’m going to fix that.”

I gave him the remainder of my bowl and he was happy. The simple things in life.

Day 1: Omelet

Yep, you read that right. It’s an omelet. Just an omelet. Nothing fancy, litterally just an omelet.


Okay so it calls for dill and shallots and my grocery store had neither so I cheated and didn’t add them. I put all my shit in a bowl, mixed it, and heated my pan. When the butter was melted, I poured it all in.

All of our pans have this weird dent and the stove top tilts so keeping the eggs level was a hassle. I would tilt it this way and that and try to find some balance so the eggs cooked evenly. When it looked not translucent, I added cheese and attempted to fold it in half.

It was not easy and I was almost positive I was going to break it. But I folded it, let it cook and plated it.

“You don’t want any brown on your eggs.”



Eggs. WHY?

Overall, I think it went okay. Yeah, the eggs were brown and I’m pretty sure I overcooked them. I just can’t win.

Rony’s review: “Mmmmmmmmmmmm good!”

You can’t mess up an omelet right? Right?

I am trying and I think that’s the slightly disheartening part, but the food tasted okay and I tried new things. There’s a lot of recipes in the book that I know I’m not going to like. I’m a picky eater. But I’m going to try.

We’ll see how next weekend’s recipes go.


-Sam <3

Blog| Shopping Ban

I may not seem it, but I am not great at managing money. I wish I was but yeah, no, somehow I always end up scrambling to make sure everything is paid. I’ve mastered the art of living on $50 over the span of two weeks.

It’s a mystery where it all goes. No matter how much more money I make, poof. It’s all gone. One part is I have an online shopping problem. I buy things randomly. Books, clothes, dresses, art. And then it sits there, all piled up. I have dresses for every occasion which means I have dresses I rarely use. The comics are stacked up, I have books I’ve never read, and I’m slowly getting swallowed up by junk.


This year, I’m going to fix that.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers put themselves on shopping bans every now and then, making sure they use the things they have and aren’t being wasteful. But I want to get serious about it. I did research. RESEARCH. From now until we actually move and are in Washington, I am not allowed to shop.

Hold on. There are specifics.

It’s not like I’m going without groceries and toilet paper for months at a time. There will be things I can buy, can’t buy, and specific items I am allowing because I am budgeting for them. I’m going to break it up into lists. Stuff that is allowed and pertain to my “jobs”, stuff that isn’t allowed because I know its excessive, and stuff that is approved ahead of time.

For this, I’m following the guide Cait Flanders‘s made for her year long Shopping Ban. She even wrote a book about it! This will keep it reasonable, help me address how much and what I buy so much of, and make sure I’m not wasteful.


Here’s the breakdown:

What I’m allowed to shop for:

  • Groceries and essential kitchen supplies
  • Gas for Car
  • Replacing essential cosmetics when they run out
  • Basic toiletries
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet essentials
  • Gifts for others (Don’t go crazy)
  • Necessary art supplies
  • Necessary business supplies
  • Restaurants (2 times a month at most)
  • 1 Audiobook a month (Audible. No more than the 1 credit)
  • Comic Books on your pull list only

What I’m NOT allowed to shop for:

  • Non-essential cosmetics (No lipsticks or eyeshadows, LUSH)
  • Clothes you don’t need
  • Shoes (Pretty shoes, flats, etc)
  • Books, magazines, notebooks (Gotta get a library card now)
  • Toys, Funko pops, mystery boxes (Overwatch boxes are no-no)
  • Video Games
  • Household items (candles, decor, furniture, etc.)
  • Electronics and appliances

Approved Shopping List

  • 2 pair of work slacks (I’m down to one pair)
  • 1 pair of work shoes (All of mine are breeeeeaking)
  • A compost bin (On my Goals List)
  • Hair done once (So my hair doesn’t fall out)
  • Oil Change/Car Related Maintenance
  • Passport (Also on Goals List)
  • Movies/Concerts/Events (I’m not missing Infinity Wars, guys)
  • 1 Purse (My tiny purse is breaking)
  • My friends’ products they create and sell (#Supportlocal)
  • I can replace things that break, but have to get rid of them.
  • 1 Souvenir if you travel

I know you’re looking at the lists and thinking I gave myself too much leeway, it’s not that hard, or that this doesn’t look fun. The thing is: we have a lot of stuff. I buy books all the time when I have a ton I haven’t read. I have supplies for hobbies I’ve never done, half started ideas and overall a ton of junk. Yes, the art supplies and comics are really necessary but I work with those so they kinda are. And concerts, experiences, all of those aren’t physical so as long as I don’t go crazy it’s fine. I’d rather experience things than have physical items.

Shopping Ban

We’re going to purge. If it’s broken, not necessary, etc. then it goes. Sentimental stuff I’m saving in a special box or taking a picture of it and putting in a keepsake book. Clothes I don’t wear are donated. I don’t want to sit in a room and see all the stuff I’ve wasted money on, look at the things I’ve bought instead of going to travel. I hate feeling cluttered and a lot of it is that. Clutter. I want to organize and make space and use what I have.

My approved shopping list are things that I had planned on getting or need (my pants ripped last night for the third time and I’m down to 1 pair and all my boots have holes) or are experiences rather than objects. My hair needs to be redyed and cut and is frizzy AF so I’m going to get it done for the very first time. That’ll keep the color lasting for a long time, keep my hair from falling out, and keep me from compensating and buying a ton of shit because my hair looks bad.

Whatever money I would have spent, goes into savings for moving. I need to see how much money I’m wasting and put it to use.

This is going to be hard and I’ll do monthly updates. I am a compulsive shopper. When I’m irritated or bored or sad, I shop on Amazon. When I’m frustrated, I buy new clothes. We need a change, a big one. So I’m unfollowing and unsubscribing to all stores, hiding ads, and making sure there’s no temptation. This is going to be hard, but if I can do it then it’s worth it.

Could you put yourself on a shopping ban? What are things you do to make sure you don’t buy things you don’t need?

Give me your tips!


-Sam <3

Blog| 28 Before 28



I’m 27 now!

Nothing has changed besides the fact that I have survived 27 years of life, but isn’t that a celebration on it’s own?

This time around, I’m forgoing the 28 Before 28 rule, mostly because I set so many goals for 2018 and my birthday is so close to the new years. Instead, because I set 20 goals for the new year, I’m going to set just 8 to get done before I turn 28.

20+8= 28. See what I did there?

I like working towards goals and I think it helps keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish.

So what are my birthday goals this time around?


  • Take a Class
  • Once a month, unplug for a weekend
  • Get a passport


  • Learn to compost
  • Learn Tarot
  • Pay off a credit card


  • Learn Spanish
  • Call or Skype family often


This year is for refocusing and working on myself. No events to distract, just working on the big goal of moving and bettering myself. I think every now and then it’s good to take a step back from hustling constantly to make sure your foundation is good. I take on a lot and if I crumble, everything else goes down too.

My next post will be all about our birthday trip to Santa Fe and how it’s motivated me to plan some long-LONG term goals.

Thanks for sticking around on this craziness.


-Sam <3

Blog| 27 Before 27 Recap

And so we’ve come to the end of being 26!


It was a whirlwind of learning experiences, trying new things, and learning a bit about myself. There is always room for improvement and I think overall, I’m becoming a better person. I never would have thought that as I turn 27, I’d have a business, be in galleries regularly, be involved in events and running them, and I would know so many people.

It’s been an absolutely crazy ride. I didn’t get to do all the things, but I did a lot of them!


  1. Save at least 4k for moving
  2. Connect with friends more outside of events 
  3. Finish the #52Selfies Project
  4. Minimize my possessions
  5. Do one big women’s event in town
  6. Visit family more often
  7. Take more napsIMG_0675IMG_0969
  8. Go to another concert
  9. Get another tattoo and get my nose pierced
  10. Have a solo gallery
  11. Paint a large painting
  12. Be less wasteful
  13. Do at least 3 cosplaysIMG_5593IMG_8604
  14. Look into breast reduction
  15. Do things that make me happy, not for money
  16. Be less harsh with my body image
  17. Learn to say no and do not stress yourself
  18. Be free to feel confident in how you look, what you love, and to not be serious all the time
  19. Take care of my body and health better
  20. Take a class
  21. Show more gratitude
  22. Try a spa
  23. Stop biting my nails22195453_10209780669383485_6721010785168625956_n
  24. Go roller skating again
  25. Start meditating
  26. Finish a short story and submit for publishing
  27. Learn to go running

I have been hanging out with friends more and more outside of events I’m in charge of, I’ve gone to see my mom and sister more, and am trying to make a more conscious effort to go and hang out with my dad. I think with things slowing down this year and with a new niece on the way, I can keep this going.

Self-care has been big for me. I’m my own worst critic and have had a body image problem my whole life. I’ve learned to let things go a bit, wear things I love, and take care of myself. I fell off the bandwagon a bit with eating healthy but I’m good to get back on it. And I take naps now! Yay!

I barely got getting a tattoo done at the last minute! We went and got small tattoos last Friday, after our last gallery! No piercing though so it’s only have crossed off.


This is the year we not only adopted Leon, but fostered Mae Mae and 5 kittens. I’m very lucky to say we’ve gotten two of the kittens into new homes and Mae Mae as well who is being very loved right now. Rescuing has been such a reward and I’m so glad these babies are in good homes.

Of course, not everything got crossed off. I didn’t get to take a class, go to a concert, or get 4k saved up. I’m barely getting back into writing and yeah, running is a no go for me though I did use the treadmill a few times!

Overall, I did 16.5/27!

I’m proud of myself for doing so much. Sometimes, I need to just cut myself some slack and try something different. Slowly I’m getting the hang of this adult thing it’s not as scary as I thought.

Here’s to 27!


Happy Birthday to me :)

-Sam <3

Blog| Control Freak


I don’t lie about how I am. Control freak is a mild way to put it. When it comes to things I create or organize or have done before, there’s a certain way I like to do things. This is especially true if I’ve done things for years.

I’ve got my convention prep and booth down to a science, I could do Ladies Night in my sleep, art drops and galleries are second nature. I’m use to running things myself and would always rather do things than have someone else do it. Hell, I even tend to plan my own birthday parties and try to bake my own cake even when Rony and my friends yell at me not to.

This isn’t a great thing and tends to lead to me having way too much on my plate. I stress. Easily. Instead of trusting other people, I feel I have to be there to make things go without a hitch or I won’t be happy with it.

This particular trait is making it extremely hard to let go.

Our Spring Ladies Night this year will be my last one and I am not running it, I am being Featured Artist. My lovely friend Julie Raven will be taking it over and she is lovely and wonderful and can handle it, but I’m trying desperately to resist making checklists and prepping and doing the usual Ladies Night work. I am a guest. I am not running it. Repeat that.

Friday was our last gallery at Star Comics Downtown because Star Comics is moving. Our lovely store is combining both locations and moving to a big and brand new location further down the street after 40 Years of being there. Tomorrow is their last day at their old store and there’s a lot of feelings. I am sad and happy and not sure how to deal with this change.

Change freaks me out sometimes, especially when I don’t know every detail. Moving across the country is going to give me an aneurysm.

Letting go of the gallery, LAC, Ladies Night, doing one last convention next month, Star. It’s a lot for me. Even though I’ve been preparing myself, it’s difficult. I’ve grown so many things and learned so much and to pass that off to other people is scary. What if things crash and burn, what if they change things and the response isn’t good, what if it becomes better than when I had it?


Who am I without these things?

For the past few years, I’ve been Sam, the artist and person in charge of  ___, ___, and ___, blah blah.

Now it’s just me.

This year is all about change. I looked at my calendar and realized besides Lubbock-con and Ladies Night, I don’t have any events to do or run. No real deadlines, no planning, no galleries, no need to run around and try to get things done. It’s weird after the chaotic rush of the Holiday season and three years of events back to back. The only things on my plate are saving money, taking care of the animals, and my online store.

Things will be fine. Or they won’t. But I can’t control that and I need to let go. Let the admins take control of the LAC. Let Julie run Ladies Night. Let the Officers make the decisions about GGB. It’s not easy and it hurts and gives me anxiety, but I’ve done what I can. I started things. I kept them alive. It’s other people’s turn now. They’ll be fine without me and I’ll have to learn to be fine on my own, without the titles.

Change sucks but staying stagnant and complacent is death.

To move on to better things, you have to let go.

How are you with change? Are you a control freak too? Any tips?

We’re leaving for a birthday trip to Santa Fe Friday so expect my 27 Before 27 recap soon!


-Sam <3