#OOTD| Double Trouble


#1. Daytime Ghoul

As you may already know, I’m obsessed with Halloween and horror and all matter of spooky stuff. Our entire dining room is basically a dragon’s hoard of Halloween items (I swear I’ll do a house tour one day). It’s the biggest thing me and Rony have in common.

So when I see cute Halloween themed clothes, I jump on it. And man did I hit the jackpot.

Cowcow is “an online platform for designers and creative artists to showcase and sell their artwork on t-shirts, gifts, umbrellas…” etcetera etcetera. It’s like Society6 and all those other sites that let artists upload designs and they get a percentage of the profits. I actually found it through Amazon because that’s how I buy everything.

Link here. I promise this isn’t sponsored. I wish. But hey go check out cool stuff.

All of the designs on this dress are Halloween themed. All of them. Yeah, I went crazy. I wanted to get all of them. And they weren’t that expensive so that made me go crazy more.


I picked my favorite and I let Rony choose one too because I couldn’t decide. The cat design is adorable. Moons and cats and bats are all things I love and the color was super cute.

I got a Medium in both but I probably should have gotten a Large to avoid the dressed boob stretch problem. It is a very stretchy fabric like a lot of skater dresses but the designs are nicely printed and don’t fade with the stretch too much. I avoid skater dresses a lot because of that reason.


The cat and bat dress I decided I would make casual and fun. It’s playful and matched my favorite vest and hair nicely. I wanted to show that you can dress these up in a cute fun way or in a more subdued, “fancy way. So I threw on my favorite boots (similar) and found some spooky jewelry like my bird skull earrings (similar) and Amethyst crystal necklace (Exact).


This vest is the first vest I ever made. It’s very Sailor Moon/girl power inspired and I wore it to the first Ladies Night we ever held. I’ve lost a lot of buttons here and there but it’s my favorite. I made it out of a size too large Forever 21 jacket and attempted to dye it black only for it to come out purple. I wasn’t mad about it and splattered pink and blue paint on it.

I did each stud my hand and painted with fabric paint the patches on the back. It took forever but I love it.

Overall the outfit was comfy and perfect for adventuring. I’m just in love with the pattern and paired with the vest, I feel cool and like I can take on anything. It’s not heavy and flows really nice and for $12, it’s a steal.


#2. Witch of the Woods


The second dress is the one Rony picked out.

Fun fact: to shoot these pictures we went looking for houses that were for rent. We figured they wouldn’t mind. And we found a lot of cool houses.

I definitely went for a witchy vibe with this one. The first one was bubblegum and this one was all Grimm Fairytales. I couldn’t find my newer black cardigan (similar) and this one ended up getting a small hole in the arm, but it all went together nicely. I paired it with my nice Anna Sally Wedge Ankle Booties (Exact) and let my crazy curly hair down.


Also it was crazy hot for 8:30 at night and the wind was blowing like crazy but everything came out nicely.

For those following along with my hair journey, it’s been a week of no straightening and I’ve bought so many new products and done so many new techniques it’s crazy. Today I get to start giving up shampoo because apparently that helps. But the curls are getting better as long as I don’t forget to put my hair up at night.

Because then I look like Medusa again.


And for those keeping up with me having shaved my eyebrows for Sombra, they’re growing back in. No one panic. The purple hair has faded SO much though and I’m a little sad, but I think I may just transition it to lavender for a bit and then back to blue. At least I don’t have to worry about color remover.

The pattern for this dress is still playful but I think dressing it up makes it more adult? Chic? I’m not sure the word. But I definitely look intimidating again, especially with my black Colourpop lipstick. Rony had to keep reminding me to smile because I suffer from permanent resting bitch face.


I love finding little things that make me happy like these dresses. I think they match my personality well and I am ALWAYS down for more Halloween themed clothes. For me, they’re good year round but if you’re looking for some dresses further down the line in Fall I think you should check these out.

And if you aren’t down with the Halloween theme, they have plenty of other designs too!



Next post will be about Summerween, I promise.

What holiday is your favorite and are there any holiday themed clothes you wish you could wear year round?

-Sam <3


Blog| One Month of Natural Hair

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I’ve talked before about how my hair is naturally curly. My mom has really tight curls and my sister, at most, has slight waves. I landed more on my mom’s side with half-wavy curls and coils. I’ve never been able to figure out how to deal with them and of course, coloring and bleaching my hair doesn’t help.

But I want to try. I figured that straightening and hot ironing my hair every day isn’t exactly the best for it and if I want to move to Seattle I’m going to have to learn to deal with it. There will be no escape from moisture there.

So I’m going to keep my hair naturally curly for a whole month.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Right now it’s in the extreme frizz phase and I hate it. It doesn’t look good and I can’t shower in the evening like I normally do or else I’ll look like medusa in the morning. My morning routine takes 30 minutes in the morning and I like it that way. Now it’s going to take longer.

I think that’s a big reason why I straighten it. My curly hair just never looked tidy and put together. I always looked like I was crazy. I think there are ways I can make it look better but I’m going to need to get some things. Like mousse and probably a hair diffuser. Who knows.

No, seriously, who knows? I need help.

I’ll keep everyone updated through my hair journey and hopefully at the end of the month, I’ll have learned to love my curls.  Hopefully.

Do you have curly hair? How do you manage it? Let me know below!

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Cosplay| Retro Bombshell Batwoman


From the moment I saw the designs for DC Bombshells, I fell in love. I love retro/pin-up designs and just about died when I heard about all the Bombshell merch and figures and comics that were coming out.

Kate kane Batwoman is one of my favorites. I’m not that into DC superheroes, but she’s one of the few I love. Batwoman Elegy is one of my favorite comics and J. H. Williams III’s art is breathtaking.

So obviously I wanted everything Bombshell Batwoman.


Hot Topic came out with a Bombshell Batwoman dress a while back ago and I almost cried because I couldn’t afford it. Then it got discontinued. I wanted to dress up as her so bad but had no clue how to make her costume from scratch. So I gave up.

A month or so back, I was shopping online and came across this black and red Cocktail Dress. My very first thought was “that’s a Batwoman dress.” I could see it perfectly and knew instantly I had to get it.

It wasn’t going to be classic Bombshell, but I could do something with it.


After a little searching, I found a decent red wig and paired up the Anna Dana ballerina flats I had bought a little before. After trying it all on, I realized I had to order a petticoat and got this red one that luckily wasn’t too itchy. I played around with some facepaint to do her recognizable Bombshell “mask” and used a leather bat bow in my hair I had gotten from Seattle.

I was all set. It turned out pretty good for essentially a closet cosplay but I felt like her a bit. It was elegant and fitting but strong and not restrictive. It wasn’t as big of a hit as Sombra, but I felt good and I think that’s what matters.

Next time maybe I’ll make some batarangs as accessories and find a cool bat, but it wasn’t bad for a quick cosplay and made for a comfortable Sunday outfit after being Sombra all day Saturday.

All in all, I loved it and hope to dress up as her again.

(Side note: I’m awful at cosplay photos so excuse my weird faces in some of these)


-Sam <3

Cosplay| Punk Sombra


I’m a huge Overwatch fan. I love the game, the lore, the characters, and all the goofy memes that have been spawned. I’ve never been into online competitive shooters but I got hooked on Overwatch. Rony, his best friend Marshal, and I play together often and getting placed Silver in competitive was huge for me because honestly I thought I sucked.

One of the reasons I love Overwatch so much is because there is soooo much diversity in the characters and the roles they play. Almost everyone is represented and there’s someone everyone can relate to. All nationalities, ages, and personalities are there. When I first started playing, I instantly mained Pharah and D.Va. I loved their style and attitude and how both can be aggressively offensive but can also be good backup.


Ana, Pharah’s mother, was the next new character and she was amazing. An older woman who was a sniper. Rony loved her so much he made one of our Halloween pumpkins into her.

And then the Sombra ARG started. Fun fact: I love ARGs. I actually did Halo 2’s Ilovebees and it’s still one of my favorite stories. ARGs, in case you don’t know, are Alternate Reality Games. They get you involved in real life with the story. In the case of Overwatch, puzzles and codes were implanted in trailers and stills and on the website.

I followed along but don’t know code to save my life. I watched all the Youtube videos on the progress and read forum posts. One of my favorite emotes for Sombra now is the “Amused” emote because it’s her laughing at the Skycode, a code that everyone tried to solve only for them to have to tell us it didn’t mean anything. It was her laughing at us.

Blizzcon came around and in the middle of a video, Sombra hacked it and we got her cinematic and she was announced. I loved her instantly. She was sassy and clever and had her own agenda and was willing to do whatever.

Most importantly to me, she LOOKED like me.


Sombra is a Mexican cyber-punk hacker with a side shave, purple hair, and a love for puzzles. She’s a difficult character to play because although she is in the offense category, she’s best played as support. Her powers include hacking other characters and health packs, going invisible, and being able to transport from one area to another.

You have to play her by constantly moving and sneaking. Hack a health pack, go invisible, find the weakest target and shoot while you can, and zip back before your transport timer runs out. Rinse, repeat.

She’s very difficult, but I love playing as her. Sombra is one of the most popular design wise, but not gameplay wise. Even though, she’s still my favorite The first time I saw her I said, “She looks just like me!”

She’s a reminder that representation matters, even to an adult woman.


Having her be my first actual cosplay was amazing. I even shaved her pattern into my hair and shaved my eyebrows for it. Dedication to the max. Everyone that knew the game knew who I was and seeing people get excited was so rewarding.

One day I’d like to do her actual costume, but doing a punk version still fit her. She was in the Los Muertos gang and I tried to make the jacket and her face paint fit their style.

  • The vest is actually a blazer I found on Amazon and then cut off the arms and sewed it to fit my body better.
  • The tights are purple to pink with another layer of black ripped up leggings on top.
  • The gloves I got on Amazon and then sewed pink bungee cord to make the wires and then attached gold picture from hangers to make her “circuits”. If you didn’t look too closely, you couldn’t tell!
  • The shoes were these spiked rubber like flats that Rony thought looked super cheesy but they matched pretty well
  • I made her back patch with acrylic on a blank shirt and did her facepaint with water activated facepaints. I added purple contacts and ta da! Sombra face!

I love this character so much and I can’t wait to work on it more and do it again. I’d love to figure out her jacket and do her justice but this was a good start :)



-Sombra/Sam <3

#NotMyStyle| Hepburn Romper

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In my effort to keep trying new things and get myself out of my comfort zone, I came up with an idea. Constantly throughout my life my friends and family have tried to get me to stop wearing black or try color or do something different. I’m a creature of habit. I find a style I like and I buy it all in black or monotone colors.

Laundry day looks like a giant black hole in our living room because it’s just black clothes everywhere.

I hate shopping and I hate trying things new, but I need to. So, with that in mind, I’m handing over my wardrobe for a day to someone in my life. They get to choose what I wear and I have to go out in it for the day and try to style it a bit to match me.

That may mean color, that may mean styles and cuts that are not my style. Thus the name of this series.

This weekend my boyfriend Rony was up first. We had our friend’s graduation to attend and since the dress I had ordered never arrived (apparently UPS lost it), we decided to go ahead and start with the first outfit.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

It’s a romper. I don’t wear rompers. I actually bought one on accident last month and ended up splitting the legs and turning it into a dress. Most rompers don’t fit my body and end up making me look like one giant boob mass plus this one has sparkles on the collar. I don’t do sparkles.

Funnily enough, his mom had got this romper for me a year or so ago and I’ve never worn it. Safe to say, he’s sending pictures to her.

He also picked out these flats he got me from Mother’s Day (all his gifts were replacements of things the dogs have destroyed of mine) and chose my hairstyle and lipstick color. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out too bad.

I got compliments and it didn’t impede me playing frisbee or volleyball besides the slight wedgie when I went to pick up things. I was comfortable and the thick fabric was flattering. Plus, it had pockets! I love pockets.


Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

The romper is by One Clothing Los Angeles and as far as I know is discontinued. (Similar)

The flats. Okay, so here’s the kicker. They’re Crocs. I KNOW. I gave Rony the same look when I saw the box. But surprisingly, they’re not bad and comfortable and so far dog chew proof (I caught Leon chewing on them already. He couldn’t chew through them.) So yeah, I was judging super hardcore but they’re actually pretty nice. (Exact)

Lipstick is Poison by Colourpop and the earrings are actually part of an ear jacket set from Forever 21, but I lost the attachment. I believe they’re discontinued as well. (Similar)

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

Overall, the experience wasn’t bad. I am reluctant to say but I did feel cute. But I’m sticking to my statement that this is still not my style. I felt very chic and though it was nice, it didn’t feel like me. It was nicer than I usually dress so in my mind, I feel like I have to go to a nice event in this rather than everyday wear.

Maybe it’s the jewel collar.

It did fit me really well. Like surprisingly well. It was slimming on my waist and I didn’t feel like my boobs were swallowing everything. There was a bit of fabric puckering near my armpits, but not too bad. And the pockets were so nice.

All in all, Rony didn’t do bad. The most common comment was that it was very Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not bad, not my usual look.

We’ll see how it goes. I may attempt to break this out again and try to make an effort to add it to my looks. At least it was black and I didn’t feel too out of my norm.

Cross your fingers the next one isn’t too weird.

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-Sam <3

#OOTD| Wild Witch & Weekend Recap


This weekend was a busy one.

Friday we went and grabbed everything for our garage sale this weekend. We went to the storage unit, grabbed what we wanted to sell, dropped it off, went to my dad’s, grabbed all his stuff and he drove with us to my grandma’s to grab the stuff she wanted to sell, and then we dumped it all at my house.

Our house had a mountain of old clothes, pogo sticks and stilts, toy nerf guns, and DVD’s. It was a lot.

I then went outside to try and drag Almond in because she wouldn’t stop barking and found her carrying a lump around like it was a baby. Uh oh. After getting her to stop playing keep away with it, we discovered she was carrying a baby possum. She went to time out and we tried to figure out if it was dead or not because of how much mud was on it.

It wasn’t. No injuries, just filthy and covered in fleas. We couldn’t find the mom and didn’t want the neighborhood dogs and cats to get it so we cleaned off some of the mud, gave it some weenies, and took it to the local Wildlife Rescue.


We named him Louie.

After getting home at 12:30 in the morning, we finally settled down to go to bed so we could get up at 5am….only to discover Almond had somehow infected her brother with fleas. He wasn’t even the one carrying the possum.

At 1am, both dogs got flea baths which was an ordeal. Almond HATES baths and Leon cried the whole time. To top it all off, they both had to sleep in their kennels until the fleas died. They were not happy but it’s all Almond’s fault so Leon can blame her.


We’re also checking in on some dogs this weekend. We got up at 530, threw clothes on, Rony went to check on the dogs and I started pricing and organizing everything to speed up the process. My dad brought us breakfast and at 830 in the morning we set up tables and tossed everything out there.

At one point, everyone from Star Comics was over. Then our friends came over and we played with the scooters and pogo sticks in the front yard. We sold a lot of toy guns and DVD’s and I was happy to see so many old clothes go.

Saturday went pretty good but it was hot and I darken fast. It wasn’t long because I got a deep tan line. By Sunday, I was dark and sunburned.

We ended the garage sale Saturday at like 2pm, threw everything inside, and then I had to shower and get dressed because I was running the Badass Babes Dinner that night (I’ll talk about that more next post!)

The look in this post is what I wore to the dinner. Fun fact: my hair is naturally this curly. Figuring out my hair is a constant battle. I don’t know what to do with it. It stays nice for a day and then the next morning is a matted mess. I straighten and curl it, but that’s damaging. I’m just too lazy to deal with it and therefore, never have it natural.

But I’m trying to learn to love it and figure out how to make it look nice. It’s just so BIG.

Anyways, I ran from home, got to my friend Alex’s house, and we all were there for 3 hours. Ran and checked on the dogs, got home, and passed out.

Started it all over again Sunday.


Rony surprised me with all the animals in the room Sunday and I got a Mother’s Day present from him and the fur babies. We checked on the dogs, got a nice breakfast, and relaxed and did the garage sale again.


We didn’t do as well Sunday, but we kinda figured it would be that way. The cats hung outside with us for a bit and explored our garden. I got darker and ate like 10 Popsicles. We tossed whatever was left in the car to throw in the storage unit until the next garage sale then went to my dad’s to hang out with him and my step-mom.

I think by the time we got home, It was 730 pm and I then proceeded to pass out on the couch with the dogs. Woke up at 11:30 and moved to the bed and passed out again.

Garage sales are hard.

It was a productive weekend though and I’m happy we’re getting rid of things and saving up for Seattle.


(Also special shout out to my boyfriend Rony for helping take my pictures and giving me a good Fur Baby Mother’s Day <3 )

The look:

Dress: V-Neck Dress with Asymmetrical Hem (Similar)
Necklace: Eyeball Necklace Bronze Choker (Similar)
Shoes: Easy Street Women’s Giddy Ballet Flat (Similar) 

How did everyone spend their weekend and Mother’s Day?


-Sam <3

Blog| Purple Hair Don’t Care

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We weren’t allowed to dye our hair in school. It was something I was devastated about and tried to skirt around, going as far as dying my hair for my birthday only to be told the next day I couldn’t have it.

The year after we graduated, they allowed dyed hair. I shook my fist at the universe.

The first thing I did after graduating was dye my hair blue. I was a custodian and there weren’t any rules against it. I loved it and felt bright and colorful even if I did dress in all black.

When I had to get a full time job the following year, I had to dye it back. I’ve gotten away with doing the underside of my hair red a few times, but never anything bright and vibrant.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

A couple of years ago, I shaved off half my hair and got a side shave. It felt amazing and somehow, didn’t go against my office job’s dress code (which I definitely thought was strange since I wasn’t even allowed my tattoos to be visible). I’ve struggled with my hair identity and getting the shave felt rebellious.

I switched jobs again. A slightly fancier job this time. I didn’t ask about the hair policy because frankly, I had given up at this point, but finally I got the courage to ask around Christmas time.

There was no policy. My boss liked colored hair. Go for it, she said.

The possibilities opened up to me and I’ve never felt so excited as I was picking out colors to transform my hair. I went blue and green this time. I felt like a magical mermaid. My confidence got better and I liked my hair again.

Processed with MOLDIV

This year I wanted to actually cosplay for Lubbock-Con. I wanted to go as my new favorite character, one that actually looked like me and was the same race as me and was so bad ass.

I would do Sombra from Overwatch. Hell, I already had the side shave and my hair was the same. If I dyed it purple, I wouldn’t need a wig.


I am not a cosplayer. I don’t know how to make accurate costumes or anything. But I was gonna try and wing it. I’ve done punk versions of other characters before and I could definitely a punk version of her.

Yesterday I got what I needed from Sally’s Beauty, used a color remover to lighten the blue, failed, and decided to just put the purple over the blue since the color was faded already.

It turned out pretty good. There are some hints of blue and the top layer is kinda maroon, but the effect makes it look dynamic. It works for the cosplay.

I’ll probably keep the color for a month or so and then add blue back into it. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get attached to the color. I’m liking it so far though!

What color would you like to see eventually? What cosplays have you done before? Let me know!

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-Sam <3