News| What to Expect at Lubbock-Con


We’re close to 2 weeks away and I’m deep in prep-work! But I got a bunch of cool new stuff and things in the work!


Both me and Koolaid-Girl Art will be on panels this year with some pretty cool people! Be sure to come see us during these times!!

Wonder Women of Art in Lubbock Texas!
LOCATION: Room 106
DATE: February 24, 2018
TIME: 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm

“We cant possibly fit every amazing woman creating art in Lubbock Texas into one room, but we can at least introduce you to a few that are making a difference in our community today. Will Terrell hosts this panel of some of the wonderful talent making this town a better place with Renee Steger Simpson, Julie Raven, Raicodoll, Miss Meghan and Victoria Marie Bee.”

Ink, Sweat, and Tears: Adventures in Making Comics
LOCATION: Room 104
DATE: February 25, 2018
TIME: 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm

“Making comics is one of the most challenging mediums to work in, but also one of the most creatively rewarding. This panel of comic creators discuss their highs and lows, what’s great about working in comics, what to watch out for, and offer advice to aspiring creators. Moderated by Will Terrell with Erica Lynn, Erick Dominguez, Derrick Fleece, and Greg Harms.”

New Items

The New Inktober 2017 Sketchbook Zines are done! And this year, I’ll have a limited run of Full Color ones!


Next, I have brand new stickers. All stickers will be available for $2 individually, BUT my Seasonal Witches will also be available in a sticker pack as well as my Witch Talons set. The sticker packs will be cheaper than buying each one individually but there will be a limited amount! So snag one before they’re gone!


I’ve also been hard at work converting all my art into two new print sizes. I’ll now be selling prints in 8×10 and 5×7 sizes! And I’ll have the new Inktober prints (or most of them) available as prints.

I’ll also have Originals for sale too :)

But with new stuff means I have to clear out some old. I’ve been changing directions with my shop and art and that means I’m clearancing out a lot of things.


Pretty much I’m discontinuing all my jewelry and brooches. The time and money I had to put into them just couldn’t make up for how low I had to sale them or how long they sat on my shelves. I literally hand cut EVERYTHING, baked EVERYTHING (they’re all made of Shrink Film, glazed or painted EVERYTHING, then had to assemble the chain and hooks from scratch all my myself. It was hard and I do not recommend when you’re selling them for $5-$10.


Banner necklaces unfortunately are leaving too, though I will keep making my Be Terrifying ones. I’m thinking of getting them made into enamel pins, but I just can’t give them up. They’re what kicked off my business and got shared by both Kelly Sue DeConnick and Will Wheaton.

Unfortunately, they’re also made out of Shrink Film and it was too much work to make them.


I may remake the Undercut Club into a patch, but for now, all my old Stickers are clearanced.


And my poor Eevees. I love them but holy shit were they such a PAIN to make. I hand cut them ALL. They are small. TINY. And come with TINY TINY earrings. Unfortunately, Jolteon already sold out and I still have a bunch of un-assembled charms left but I may just sell those on their own.


And with the new move to 8×10/5×7 Prints, I will be discontinuing my 11×17 and 4×6 Prints. They’re be marked down a lot too.

Annnnnd pretty much all of my digital art/Comic Pin-Ups are being discontinued too. I just grew really unhappy with the style and grew out of love with them. Plus it makes my portfolio look really weird with all the different styles.

So if you liked any of those! Grab them while you can! Lubbock-Con will pretty much be the last place you can get them! Only a small amount will be available online!

I’m pretty excited and there’s a ton happening in preparation! I’m trying to get together a cosplay but we’ll see how it turns out!

If you want to come see our booth (and Rony’s who will be right next to us), visit us at tables F-11 & F-10!


This may be the only convention we attend this year so come and say hi to us! I’m always happy to chat!

This month is going by so fast and I still have a lot planned. But I’m excited and happy with the direction my things are taking. I also made a new banner so I’m pumped about that.

That’s it for now! Tomorrow I’ll have a regularly posted blog!

-Sam <3



Holiday Season 2017

This week is Thanksgiving! Which means Black Friday is right around the corner and the holiday frenzy begins!

A lot of people are going to be headed out on Thanksgiving evening or Friday morning to hit the big stores for all the deals but remember that small businesses need love too. A perk of support small is that the money goes directly to the artist/owner instead of trickling down the line or going to a big CEO. That means you’re helping to feed families, artists, and showing that you can make something on your own.

Plus, now in days, a lot of small artists sell and promote themselves online or through Instagram. So you can shop from the comfort of our home and get personal, original gifts for your loved ones. And I think that’s a ton more interesting than a generic toy or shirt they’ll forget about.

Last year, I got Rony a commissioned art piece of our cat Pumpkaboo and it was amazing! He got me a small art piece of an adorable Cerberus that I love. Both of them are hanging on our walls. Things like that are memorable and make for wonderful gifts.

I’m working on getting the shop prepared and getting prints made of the new Inktober art. I’m also looking into painting a few small pieces and putting them up for sale so if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know!

I started a Society6! I’ve always wished I could offer more merch like mugs and shirts and bags and phone cases but that requires a lot of money (I’d love to do an enamel pin but that’s a dream for later). So by using Society6, I don’t have to worry about distribution and you can get my art on a variety of objects!


Society6 will be offering a variety of sales for Black Friday but today until Midnight PST you can get 25% off everything!

If you’d like to buy directly from me though, I’ll be running a sale through the rest of the month! Everything is 20% off now until December 1st, including Pre-Orders for the Inktober prints! And if you buy 3 items, you’ll get free Domestic Shipping! So if there’s anything you’d like to grab, now is the time to do it! (And I may be doing some special sales on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday as well)


So please consider shopping small and supporting small businesses and local artists! When you do, you’re helping them pursue their dreams, support them making a living, and appreciating their hard work!

Happy Holidays and be sure to spend a lot of time with your friends and family this season!


-Sam <3

Blog| Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one. Friday we kicked it off with our Lubbock Artist Collective Halloween Gallery reception on Friday the 13th. Yeah, pretty much a perfect date to have it. We had some amazing art from local artists in the collective and got to celebrate and eat treats and chat with our favorite people.

It’s been crazy to think it’s been one year since we started the artist collective but the art and progression of so many of the artists has been wild! It makes me so excited for future galleries!

Afterwards, Rony and I had a shindig at our house, had friends over, and got to share one of our favorite horror movies, The Babadook. Rony even has a handmade replica of the pop-up book from the movie signed by the director. It was fun and we got to play the Halloween expansion of King of Tokyo before hand as well.


The next day was a lazy, errand running day which was capped off by going to a 7 HOUR LONG Horror movie marathon. Our theater, Alamo Drafthouse, did a 4 movie marathon called Dismember the Alamo and we got to see 4 old horror movies all at once. It was a trial.

I almost died. Rony fell asleep a bit in the last and best one. Some were good, some were mind-numbing. We saw Slaughterhouse, Eaten Alive, Grizzly, and Day of the Beast. The last was my favorite, mostly because it had a pretty good plot. I’m not a fan of dumb, bad gore, horror movies and Eaten Alive gave me a headache.

But we survived!





Sunday we got up early, ran more errands like costume shopping, groceries, getting Almond’s presents and treats for her birthday party, and getting flowers. We were seeing our friend act in the Addams Family Musical and wanted to get her something and finally got to see the play!

It was wonderful. I’m actually a big fan of theater and musicals, Rony less so, but we both enjoyed it a lot and Alex was wonderful <3


On the way home, we stopped at a Pumpkin farm and picked pumpkins, got ingredients for Almond’s cake and cupcakes, and finally sat down and finished watching one of our movies while I worked on my Inktober.

I ended up staying up until 1am making Almond’s cake and then making frozen pumpkin treats for her. Her and Leon got to lick the bowl and spoons.


And now we prepare for Disneyland in a few days. I’ll be taking lots of pictures and will definitely make posts when I can! We’re all excited and anxious but what better way to see Disneyland than during Halloween season!

And of course, I’ll do an Almond party post too. My little baby is turning 2 and time flew so fast.

Until next time.


-Sam <3

Inktober Week 1 Recap

Inktober has started and so far, so good! It’s been so much fun and I’m actually really liking my art so far. Plus, this year I made my own prompt list and people are actually following along! So let’s go over what I’ve made and then I’ll share some of the pieces other people have made from my prompts!

Day 1: Spring Witch


Day 2: Owl


Day 3: Bat


Day 4: Summer Witch


Day 5: Apothecary


Day 6: Fall Witch


Day 7: Crow


Day 8: Tarantula


The list is a mix of witches, magical items, and witch familiars! It’s been a lot of fun to interpret them and make some witchy designs, which I love.

Now here are some of other people’s art! I left their IG usernames on so you can follow them!

Spring Witch:






Summer Witch: 




Winter Witch: 


If you are doing Inktober, comment below with your Instagram! And if you wish to use my prompt list and want me to see your creations, tag me or put #Raicodoll and I’ll check it out!


-Sam <3


October is coming!

Hello, lovelies!

Fall has hit and we’re just a few days from October madness. October begins my busy holiday season and believe it or not, it tends to be busier than December for me.

First things first, we’ve got Inktober!

What is Inktober? Simple:


Inktober (and Drawlloween) are kinda a bit deal in October and is something I’d like to try again this year. I got to Day 18 or 19 last year and was super happy with the progression in my skill as I got use to drawing every day and producing finished pieces. And if you aren’t into drawing with ink, there’s Drawlloween which is essentially the same thing without the medium limitations.

Here are the official prompts for this year:


I knew I had to get prepared this year. Last year the stress of doing a 3 show weekend, Inktober, Halloween festivities, and being in Seattle for about 5 days completely knocked me on my ass afterwards and I was not okay. This year I am determined to do better.

I’ve been sketching ideas and figuring out my own prompts. While I like the official ones, I’d prefer to do my own. I find that if I’m not super into the things I’m drawing, I’m less likely to push myself to do them soooooo I made my own prompt list.


Feel free to follow along and share :)

In addition to Inktober we are also attempting our 31 Days of Horror Movies Challenge. Rony and I attempted it last year and no lie, it was hard. You essentially have to set aside up to 2 hours every day. Things crashed and burned when we went to Seattle and had no TV to watch any of the movies.

This year we’re also going to Disneyland so we’ll see how it works out.

But here is our last for this year!


Rony and I always split up the list between us and choose movies we haven’t seen and movies we’ve seen but the other hasn’t. This way we’re not just watching the same classics over and over again and get to learn about different horror movies. Rony also does a review on Twitter afterwards if you want to follow him.

So we’ve got Inktober, Horror Movie Challenge, I have a gallery on Friday the 13th, we’re planning Ladies Night, I’m going to attempt National Novel Writing Month again in November so I’m preparing for that, and we’re going to try and do daily pet costumes and Halloween posts on our Halloween Instagram.

It’s going to be a busy time. I also have to do a couple of paintings for a Museum exhibit and a gallery in November.

Aaaaaaand Disneyland.

So wish me luck! I want to do a few speed process videos of some of my Inktober pieces but we’ll see. I’ll do a Inktober supplies post next week but I’ll be posting them daily on my Instagram or Facebook! Also, if you want to help support me, the blog, my art then you can donate a bit to my Ko-Fi or visit my Etsy shop! This helps me get better art supplies, buy more prints to sell, or do more in general!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see me do or write about, let me know!


See you in October!

-Sam <3

July 2017 Ladies Night

Ladies Night is always going to be my favorite event to put together, not just because it’s the first thing I started but because I love seeing all the women and girls in our community come out and make friends and find something new in an industry I love.

AR2_8384AR2_8403AR2_8394AR2_8395For this Ladies Night we had featured artist Julie Raven Art, who did the art for our flyers/poster and was doing magical girl commissions and selling prints. Jazmin Cruz was demoing Lipsense lipsticks with a cosplay twist and Caitlin Spikes was previewing coloring pages for her graphic novel Pirate Captain Morgan.

My sister Amanda was our very first photographer at our first Ladies Night and it was actually her first time shooting anything and was the kickoff to her business. I was very excited to have her back, knowing how much she had progressed from when she first started.

And better yet, my little niece Tabby came along and got to hang out with us. I was very excited to have her there and be able to hang out with a bunch of girls.


We had a really great turnout right at the beginning and Julie pretty much got a line right away. I bought my sister some lipstick as a thank you for photographing and Jazmin did demo’s all night. Caitlin brought some coloring sheets of the art from the graphic novel. The art is all done by Chris Nazario and should be going to print in December. They’re also going to be launching a Kickstarter soon.

We also had a bunch of Wonder Woman movie posters that were donated to the event by a very nice patron of Star Comics and so we got to hand those out for free.


We had a ton of new people show up and chat and I got to hang with my nerd girl crew, who of course all dressed up because I love them. Usually it’ll die down at about 8 to 8:30 but this time we had a ton of people still hanging out at almost 9 when the event is over. Snacks and drinks were had, posters picked up, comics bought.

The boyfriends/husbands all hung outside and talked until we let them in at 8:30. It was a great night and I was so happy to see everyone have a good time. Ladies Night is always a night that just makes me so unbelievably happy.


Again, thank you to everyone involved with making this happen! Thank you to Star Comics, as always, for being the best comic shop and friends a girl could ask for. Thank you to Julie Raven Art for being an amazing artist and producing the cutest Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for the event flyer. Thank you to Jazmin Cruz for demoing her makeup and helping out the wonderful ladies all night and Caitlin Spikes for bringing her coloring pages for the kids to work on!

And thank you to my sister Amanda Raylee Photography for taking pictures of the night. All pictures seen in this post were taken by her! Lastly, thank you to my boyfriend Rony for doing the graphic design of the flyers and posters!

We have one more Ladies Night this year in the Fall so be sure to come out to that one! In the mean time, this was amazing and I love you all.


-Sam <3

Villains! An Artist Collective Gallery


This past Friday was the reception for the Villains Artist Collective gallery at Star Books & Comics!  The gallery initially went up for the First Friday Art Trail on July 7th but we held the reception on the 14th to help celebrate the birthday of Lubbock-Con’s Artist Liaison, Dre.

People came dressed in villains themed clothing and we had art from around 20 local artists on display ranging from digital to traditional. There were monsters and superhero villains, video games and Disney villains.

And for a non-FFAT reception, the gallery was packed!


I love doing artist collective galleries because you get a wide variety of art but you also give opportunities to newer artists who may have never displayed before to contribute a piece. Sometimes artists won’t do galleries because they’re afraid to have to fill one, but these are an easy way to produce new art and showcase your work.


Here are all the pieces we had out on display! The gallery will run until the end of the month and most of the pieces seen here are still available for sale!


We had such an awesome time and I want to thank everyone again for making it out to support our local artists! Thank you to Star Comics as always for hosting the Artist Collective and we will see you next month for our Digital Spaces art gallery!

What was your favorite piece of the show?

-Sam <3


Dre’s cake by Bake My Cake